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Hello and welcome to Farming Less! My name is Martin Hunink and for me gaming is more than just a hobby or way to kill time. For many of us true gamers, it is a way of life, something so immersive that it becomes a part of our identity. For years, I’ve prided myself on always being at the forefront of the gaming industry. Since the beginning, I’ve honed my skills playing games like CS GO and reaching Global Elite ranking… Played Warcraft 3 and participated in WCG, played RuneScape and loved the grind. These games aren’t just technical marvels, they’re a part of my life and my favorite way to escape from the realities of the day-to-day grind. With each of these games, I’ve frequented marketplaces all over the web searching for the best gold and skins. What I’ve found along the way is that many of these sites don’t live up to their promise of offering safe, reliable transactions for gamers.

In finding that most sites aren’t exactly what they seem, I set out to create Farming Less. Farming Less evolved from a simple idea into a major site dedicated to helping gamers like you and I avoid unnecessary scams. Let’s face it, on the world wide web, scammers are everywhere. From forums and Facebook groups to in-game Discord servers, sometimes it feels like there is nowhere safe to buy gold and skins. From the beginning, the goal of Farming Less has been to review every online game marketplace to help users to glean what’s real and what’s fake. It is a laborious process, but one myself and the team take very seriously. At Farming Less, we focus on helping gamers make informed decisions they can feel good about.

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We created Farming Less because far too many online gaming marketplaces prove to be total scams. Many will take your money and leave you without your intended purchase. Others will get your account banned or leak personal information. Here we strive to reveal these scam websites for what they are so that you can avoid them at all costs. Over the years, I’ve gathered a deep knowledge of gaming and the marketplaces that help bring those games to life. We strive to make sure that every transaction you make on a gaming marketplace is a safe one. Think of Farming Less as that best friend who has been gaming since the beginning.

The one full of knowledge and insight who knows how to make your journey through complicated choices that much simpler.

Farmingless.com is a place where all gamers can find a safe gaming marketplace free from scams.

Other Team Members

Daniyal Khan

Content Specialist

Daniyal Khan shares a love for both playing games and writing about them. Having done so for over 4 years, with over 3000 of articles and written pieces spread out across the internet. It is because of his knowledge of the eSports and gaming community which has to lead him where he is today.


Daniyal Khan

Martynas Baniulis

Marketing Manager

Martynas Baniulis is highly experienced digital marketer who is also very passionate about gaming.


Martynas Baniulis
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