Are There Any Legit RuneScape Gold Sites?

In short, yes. There are plenty of legitimate website where you can purchase real, ethical, RuneScape gold. You’re not hacking the system, you’re not downloading a virus, you’re just getting that head start you need in the game to get that shiny set of armor the level 2,000 knight in every server seems to have. However, with the hundreds of legit gold sites, there are even more scam sites looking to take your money and provide you fools’ gold in return.

We aren’t saying this to deter you from seeking out RuneScape gold sites – quite the opposite. We understand the desire for quick gold in RuneScape, especially after your guests aren’t yielding nearly enough for your goal. That’s why we’ve provided lists upon lists of legitimate gold sites for you to check out.

Check Out Our List of Recommendations

The easiest way to know if a gold site is legitimate or not is to check out our comprehensive reviews of each and every one of them. We’ve tested countless RuneScape gold sites, and we know what quality service looks like. After you’ve done a little research and found a site that’s appealing to you, come check out our reviews to see if it’s truly safe or just a convincing scam. Chances are we’ve reviewed it already for you.

There are also plenty of ranking lists that provide a more nuanced and organized collection of RuneScape gold sites. Don’t be scared by the vast number of scam gold sites, we’ve gone through many of them so that you don’t have to.

How to Know When It’s a Scam Site?

There are many different techniques that we use to spot a scam website that is easy to try out yourself. We don’t use any special code or technology to draw out the back end elements of a website to find any bots. Usually, the information you need to tell if a site is fake or not is right on the front pages.

The best way to spot a fake site is to look at what they don’t have. A good website will include certifications from places like TrustPilot. You should also be able to located real people via customer support. If you ask a question, and they refer you to an article, they might just be a bot and this could be a scam website. If there are tens of thousands of reviews on the website with little to no substance, then chances are they have bought fake reviews to build credibility.

We also look for secure payment certification. If a website can’t guarantee your payment will be protected, then dump it. It could be a perfectly legit gold site, but unsecured payments are a fantastic way to get your information stolen.

Chances are, if you’ve heard the name of the website and it isn’t associated with controversy, it’s a legit website. Our favorite example of this is Food4RS – one of the most popular RuneScape gold websites around, and one of the best.

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