Can Gaming be a Career?

With millions of gamers buying video games, one thing is for sure, game developers and publishers make a ton of money. The popular video game Grand Theft Auto V generated 628 million dollars in revenue five years after its launch.

However, the world of gaming has grown soo much that it is not just the ones who make the video games that can earn a living. In recent years, career opportunities have been opening up for gamers. Here we will be discussing whether it is reasonable to consider gaming as a career path and how to make gaming a career.

Gaming and The Entertainment Industry

Gaming is no longer just a hobby or something casual. As online PVP games started to gain popularity, these kinds of video games got more and more competitive. All this sparked the rise of the eSports gaming scene. It also helped turn gaming into a spectator sport and a popular form of entertainment.

These days popular eSports events crank in millions of views. Thousands of tickets are bought by people who want to attend the events. Not only do large-scale events get tons of views, YouTubers and Twitch streamers that make gaming content are also a part of the entertainment industry. This transition of gaming into the entertainment industry is the main thing that introduced new career opportunities for gamers.

Careers For Gamers

You may be wondering what the actual career opportunities are for gamers. Here is a list of all the careers that require gamers.

Twitch Streamer

One of the simplest things that a gamer can do to earn money through gaming is streaming. Nothing is simpler than just playing one of your favorite video games and streaming the gameplay. All you have to do is make a Twitch account and connect it to a screen capture software of your choice.

However, you will need to own powerful enough hardware and have a fast network connection that supports live streaming. Not only that, but you also have to be either really good at the video game that you play or have some other entertainment value to your streams so you can get a lot of views.

YouTube Content Creator

There are tons of benefits of YouTube content creation over Twitch streaming. You are not limited to just showing your gameplay, and you can take your time making high-quality content. However, it’s not as simple as just playing a game and hitting the live stream button.

There are tons of things you can make content on. You can make how-to-style videos explaining how to do specific things in video games. Or, if you are good at a particular game, you can share some tips and tricks. You can also just play a video game and upload the gameplay with some commentary.

Professional eSports Player

If you are highly skilled in a particular video game, the best career path for you lies in the world of eSports. However, you have to be really good for having a chance at becoming a professional eSports player. Players that make it into a professional eSports team usually spend thousands of hours practicing and playing video games.

To start making your way into eSports, first, identify what game you really like. The game also has to be relatively popular. Next, get good at the game and start taking part in local tournaments. Then make your way into national and international tournaments.

Professional eSports Coach

After you have gained some success as a professional eSports player, the next step for you is becoming a coach for your eSports team. You can also become a coach for other eSports teams. Not only that, but you can start selling coaching services online to aspiring gamers who wish to become professional eSports players.

With all that said, becoming a successful coach is not that easy. You will need to first be really good at a particular video game and then gather a set of achievements to showcase your skill. However, it’s not impossible. If you start early, there is a high probability you can make it.


Gaming can certainly be a career. With gaming becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment and becoming a huge part of the entertainment industry, tons of opportunities have been opening up for gamers that want to make a career in gaming. Check out some popular career options to see which one suits you. If you find a path, stick to it, work hard, and you’ll certainly be successful.

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