Can You Get Banned For Buying Madden NFL 23 Coins?

If you are a Madden NFL 23 player that wants to build one of the best teams with some of the most popular NFL stars, you will need to acquire a lot of NFL 23 coins.

Like most people who don’t want to waste their time farming for coins, you might also be thinking about buying some with real cash. However, is it even allowed to do that? Will you get banned if you buy NFL 23 coins with real cash?

The questions above are very important because getting banned from NFL 23 means that you will no longer be able to use your account to play the game. Keep on reading to figure out whether or not you will get banned for buying Madden NFL 23 coins.

Is It Allowed To Buy Madden NFL 23 Coins With Cash?

If you want to buy NFL 23 coins, you can only do that at third-party marketplaces. The game itself does not has an online shop where you can buy coins.

If we look at what the developers of Madden NFL 23 say about buying NFL 23 coins with real cash, then the answer is quite simple. Buying NFL 23 coins with real cash is not allowed.

When you buy NFL 23 coins with real cash, you engage in something known as Real World Trading or RWT, which means trading some in-game item for something with real-world value, like real cash. Almost all games have strict policies against players engaging in any type of RWT, which is true for NFL 23 as well.

Are People Getting Banned After Buying Madden NFL 23 Coins With Cash?

It is clear that no one is allowed to buy coins for Madden NFL 23 with real cash. However, this does not reflect reality. In reality, tons of gamers regularly buy coins for Madden NFL 23 every day. However, there is a surprisingly small number of gamers that get banned.

How Can I Avoid Getting Banned After Buying Madden NFL 23 Coins With Cash?

After learning that not a lot of people get banned after buying NFL 23 coins, despite a ton of gamers actually doing it, you may think that the process is completely safe, and there are zero chances of you getting banned. However, this is not the case either.

The thing is, gamers only get banned because they make mistakes. This usually happens when you buy NFL 23 coins from a random person you met in the game or on the internet. They have no experience in selling NFL 23 coins, which is why they make mistakes during the process and get your account banned.

On the other hand, gamers avoid getting banned because they buy their coins from reputable platforms that have been in this business for several years. They know how the process of transferring NFL 23 coins works, and they have developed strategies to help prevent the chances of anyone getting banned. If you want to buy NFL 23 coins without getting banned, make sure you select a platform that is both reputable and experienced.

If you are wondering where you can find such platforms, you are in luck. We have created a list of the best places to buy Maden NFL 23 coins where we have only included the most experienced and top platforms. Not only that, but our list will also help you avoid scam sites.


In short, buying NFL 23 coins with real cash is not allowed because it falls under RWT or real-world trading. If you ever get caught taking part in RWT with any NFL 23 item, it will result in you getting banned.

However, this is not the complete picture. A ton of people buy NFL 23 coins regularly but have never gotten banned. It happens because they use reputable and experienced platforms for buying the coins that know how to carefully transfer coins without getting anyone banned.

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