Do Skins Get Worn Out In CSGO?

The short answer is no. CSGO skins won’t get worn out as you use them. There is a reason why many people think that this would happen, and it has a lot to do with the complicated nature of how CSGO skins work. Let’s dive a bit deeper into all that.

There are tons of unique skins in CSGO, with no two skins looking similar. However, the verity in terms of CSGO skins doesn’t just end here. There are several different variants of CSGO skins. These variants determine the quality of the skin. For example, the top-tier variant will be perfect, with no scratches or color fading. On the other hand, the lowest variant will have tons of scratches. The color of lower-tier skins is also a bit faded.

The variants for CSGO skins include Factory New (0 scratches and perfect condition), Minimal Wear (light scratches and little to no color fading), Field-Tested (some more scratches with slightly noticeable color fading), Well Worn (many scratches and noticeable color fading), and Battle Scard (tons of scratches and a lot of color fading).

These variants may lead some people to believe that over time, as we use these skins, they might get more scratches, and the color might start fading away. However, that is not the case. The type of skin you buy will stay the same no matter how long you use it. If you are looking to buy some CSGO skins, check out our list of the best places to buy CSGO skins.

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