How Do Left-Handed Gamers Play?

For a lot of us, when we hear about someone who is a left-handed gamer, we often ponder upon the concept of playing left-handed. While this is not normal for many, it is undoubtedly not alienating either. There are a lot of gamers around the world who feel comfortable using a mouse in their left hand.

Most brands don’t design mice suited for lefties, so picking out equipment that matches their style can sometimes be challenging. There are some ambidextrous mice and split layout keyboards; however, the best option is to adapt to standard equipment for many. Usually, they use normal mice and invert their button controls. Changing WASD to other keys on your keyboard can also be helpful in many situations, especially for left-handed gamers playing competitive shooters.

On the topic of shooters, many people believe that lefties are better at gaming. This is true to some extent, as many have to adapt and use their mouse with their right hands. This means controlling camera movements with a keyboard. This unconventional technique can lead to unusual strafing movements that, because being hard to judge, can be frustrating for many people.

In contrast to the general perception, being a left-handed gamer is not too complex. However, it is something that needs getting used to. Once you pass that barrier and find a comfortable playing style, you will probably have some advantage over the righties. Being a left-handed gamer might not be such a bad thing after all.

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