How Much Is My CSGO Inventory Worth?

CSGO has become one of the most popular FPS games. With the CSGO skin community growing larger and larger, tons of players are starting to get into collecting CSGO skins, with some inventories getting as large as thousands of items. Here we will discuss everything there is to know about CSGO inventory worth and answer some important questions such as “how much is my CSGO inventory worth”.

Why Do I Need To Know My Inventory Worth?

There are certain skins in the game that have a limited supply. As the player count of CSGO is growing, demand for these skins is starting to grow as well. This raises the value of such skins, with some skins being valued at over several thousand dollars.
While most of the CSGO skin community is familiar with the value of the top CSGO skins, a lot of people are not. This means that you could have gotten a thousand, maybe even ten thousand dollar skin from a case, without having a clue about it. There have been tons of cases of people trading in their valuable skins for some cheap skins, only realizing what they have done after the trade has been completed. So it is best that you know how much your CSGO inventory is actually worth before you start trading or selling some of your skins.

How to Check Inventory Worth?

Now that you know why it is so important, you can start figuring out what your inventory is actually worth. There are two basic methods with one being very easy but not that accurate and the other being a bit tedious, especially if you have hundreds of skins, but being a bit more accurate.

Using Third-Party Platforms

There are several third-party platforms out there on the internet that can help you value your CSGO inventory. Some platforms are made specifically for this purpose. For these platforms, all you have to do is head over to their website, login, and enter all the required information. The website will then analyze all the items in your inventors and present you with a number in a certain currency.
Third-party platforms that are not specifically made to value CSGO skins can also be used to find out the value of your CSGO inventory. This is because every platform that provides a service related to CSGO, like skin trading or skin selling, will have a system to value your items. You can use that method and not take part in any of the activities of that platform.

Using Average Sale Price

While entering some information and letting the platform do all the work may sound simple, it is not an accurate way to value your CSGO inventory. This is because some platforms value CSGO items according to what they would pay for them. To overcome this issue you will need to check the steam community market and for each of the items that you own, you will need to find the average selling price. After you have done that you will need to add all those prices to come up with the value of your CSGO inventory. While this may sound tedious, it is certainly accurate.

While there are tons of platforms out there that can help you value your CSGO inventory, you should always make sure that you are on a trustworthy platform. This is because if you enter your information on the wrong platform, you may end up getting scammed. So before entering your information on any platform, make sure that it meets all security and legitimacy standards.

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