How To Check Trust Factor CSGO?

While there is no official way that you can use to check your trust factor, there are certain techniques you can use to land in the right ballpark. For that, you will have to know how the trust factor system actually works.

The trust factor system was introduced back in 2017. The system works by assigning a certain trust factor to players depending on certain aspects of how they play CSGO. It then finds players with similar trust factors when they start matchmaking. The aspects include things like, the number of hours played, reports received, and total commendations received. It may even include stats from other steam games.

There are three trust factors in CSGO, namely Green, Yellow, and Red. Green means that you are completely fine, yellow means that you aren’t that safe, and Red means that you are very low on the trust scale. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can check your trust factor in CSGO.

  • Step 1: Add some friends on Steam, that play CSGO.
  • Step 2: Join their lobby and queue up with them.
  • Step 3: Ask your friends if they receive a yellow or a red warning message when you enter their lobby.

If your friends receive a yellow message, then you have a yellow trust factor. If they receive a red message then you have a red trust factor. But if they don’t receive any message at all then you are in the clear. However, they can receive no messages even if they are themselves in a red or yellow trust factor.

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