How to Derank in CSGO?

While one of the main goals almost all competitive CSGO players have on their minds is to rank up, some CSGO players also wish to derank a bit. Each player has a different reason why they wish to derank, with each reason being valid. To help players that want to derank in CSGO, here is our complete guide on how to derank in CSGO.

What Is Deranking in CSGO?

Before we get into how you can derank in CSGO, let’s first look at what deranking actually is. CSGO has an extensive ranking system that ranks players according to their skill level. So, players with a higher skill level will have a higher rank, and players with a lower skill level will have a lower rank.

Moving a level up in rank, say from Gold Nova II to Gold Nova III, means that you are ranking up or simply ranking. On the other hand, when you go from a higher rank to a lower one, say from Gold Nova III to Gold Nova II, it means that you are deranking.

Why Would You Want To Derank in CSGO?

There are plenty of reasons someone might want to derank to a lower rank than their current one. One of the main reasons that CSGO players would want to derank on one of their CSGO accounts is so that they can play with some of their friends that have lower ranks.

CSGO doesn’t allow matchmaking with a large gap between player ranks in a lobby. So, if you have friends with a rank that is lower than yours, you might not be able to play with them.

Another reason players would want to derank in CSGO is that they want an account where they can play without the stress of playing against highly competitive players. They want to chill a little, which is best done at lower ranks.

How To Derank in CSGO?

One of the best ways to derank in CSGO is to lose some matches. The more matches you lose, the more the game will think that you have a lower skill level. The game will then start to take points from your rank.

Another thing you can do to derank in CSGO is to get fewer kills. Try to aim as poorly as possible, missing almost all of your shots, and you will start deranking in no time.

In short, you have to trick the game into thinking that you are not at the skill level you are currently ranked. Instead, you should be at a lower rank. You can only do this by showing the game that you are essentially a bad player.

However, there is one thing you should be careful about while deranking in CSGO. Deliberately sabotaging a CSGO match is not allowed, which means you can get banned for doing it.

For this reason, you should avoid doing blatant stuff like not trying to aim at the enemy, not planting the bomb even when you have it and are clear at the plant site, staying AKF, or deliberately throwing the bomb outside of the map so your team cant plant.

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