How to get Gold in Lost Ark?

Like all MMORPGs, Lost Ark has an extensive economic system. For Lost Ark, the economic system revolves around gold. Gold in Lost Ark is the primary currency of the game.

If you have just started playing Lost Ark, you should know that Lost Ark gold is an important part of the game. If you want to progress in the game or get all the best stuff, you will need lots of gold.

If you are looking for ways to get gold, you are at the right place. Here we will look at all the best ways you can get gold in Lost Ark.

What is Gold Used For in Lost Ark?

First of all, let’s talk about what gold is actually used for in Lost Ark. As we have already mentioned, gold is the primary currency in Lost Ark. It has multiple use cases.

Firstly, one of the main things you will be using gold in Lost Ark is for upgrading your gear. Doing so will improve the stats of your in-game character.

Another use case for gold in Lost Ark is to buy things from the auction house. At the auction house, you can find items for sale listed by other players.

Other important use cases for gold in Lost Ark include knowledge transfer and getting Crystals.

Farming Gold In Lost Ark

One of the most common ways people get gold in Lost Ark is simply by farming it. There are multiple methods for farming gold in Lost Ark.

First of all, there are the regular activities, including Abyssal Dungeons, Abyssal Raids, Una’s Tasks, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Islands. All of these activities are either updated daily or weekly.

Secondly, we have one-time activities, including Quests, Building Rapport, and Collecting Masterpieces. Unlike regular activities, you can do these activities only a single time. Once you do them and extract the gold, they will not be available for you to complete again.

Buying Gold From In-Game Currency Retailers

Farming is a time-consuming process. Most people don’t have free time to farm for gold in Lost Ark. Also, a lot of people just don’t like farming for gold.

If that’s the case for you as well, there is a simple and easy solution. We are talking about buying gold. Yes, there is a way you can buy in-game gold with real cash.

To buy Lost Ark gold with real cash, you need to use in-game currency retailers. There are several online marketplaces where you can buy gold for Lost Ark or other MMORPGs.

Buying Gold From Facebook Groups and Reddit Communities

Buying gold is not just something that you can only do at online retailers. You can do that on Facebook and Reddit too.

There are several Facebook groups and Reddit communities dedicated to buying and selling items in Lost Ark. You can find people selling gold or other items for Lost Ark at these places.

You may even get better deals on Facebook or Reddit. However, since you will be buying from people you don’t know, it is a bit risky.


Gold is one of the most important aspects of Lost Ark. To get anywhere in terms of progression, you will need a substantial amount of gold.

You can get gold in Lost Ark either by farming it or buying it with real cash. If you have the time, you can consider the farming route. However, buying it will be much easier.

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