How To Get Scammed CSGO Items Back?

Getting scammed is not a great feeling. It takes a ton of time, effort, and money to acquire CSGO skins, which is why it feels bad when they are gone. Here is our take on how to get scammed CSGO items back.

What To Do If You Get Scammed & Lose Your CSGO Items?

First things first. You are probably here because you just got scammed and lost some of your most precious CSGO items and are wondering what you should do now. The first thing you should do is to notify all responsible authorities, the first one being Steam.

Open the profile of the account that scammed you on Steam. After that, click on the “More” option located in the upper right section, which will open a drop-down menu. From this drop-down menu, select the “Report Violation” option. After that, select the violation, which in this case would be Attempted Trade Scam, and then hit the “Submit Report” option.

After that, you need to start gathering evidence. Take screenshots of all the chats you had with the scammer, your inventory, their inventory, and any other proof you think would be necessary. After that, you need to post what happened to you on places like SteamRep, FaceBook groups, and Reddit communities.

Can You Get Your Scammed CSGO Items Back?

While it is important to do all of those things mentioned above, there is little you can do to get your scammed CSGO items back. In fact, according to Steam support, they won’t be giving your items back to you, even if the scammer is caught and proven to have scammed you. So, the answer to the question is a simple no. You can’t get your scammed CSGO items back, at least through Steam support.

You might be wondering why you need to do all those things. Well, first of all, if you do report the scammer’s account and post it on several places on the internet, his account will get banned. Valve doesn’t take reports lightly and investigates the matter. If they find that the profile does have scammed items, the profile will get banned with items removed. If that doesn’t happen, you will at least be able to save all players that have seen your post from getting scammed.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed?

If you have experienced getting scammed, you know it is not a good feeling. If you want to avoid dealing with this in the future, you should follow some simple strategies that help you avoid getting scammed.

Firstly, you should only use legitimate platforms for selling or buying CSGO skins. If you don’t know of legitimate platforms, check out our list of the best places to buy CSGO skins and the best places to cash out CSGO skins. Both these lists only include legitimate platforms, and you won’t have to worry about getting scammed if you select a platform from here.

Despite that, you should also be extremely careful when trading with someone. Before accepting a trade offer, ensure all items you want for your items are inside the tray. Also, don’t accept trade offers from legit-looking trade offers from online marketplaces right after someone tells you to do so.


Unfortunately, there is little to nothing you can do to get your scammed CSGO items back. Steam does not return the items to a player’s inventory even after the scammer’s account has been caught. All that you can do is get the scammer’s account banned so they can also not benefit from the items they have scammed from you.

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