How To Rank Up In CSGO?

After trying out the Ranked or Competitive mode in CSGO for the first time, players immediately get driven towards getting their rank up. Since rank in CSGO is an expression of your skill level, ranking up means that you are now a more skilled player than before, which is what everyone is after in a competitive game like CSGO.

Ranking up in CSGO can be a bit complicated. Some might say it is just a matter of getting better at the game. While they are not entirely wrong, that does not paint the complete picture. To help you with that, here is our complete guide on how to rank up in CSGO.

What Factors Help Determine Your Rank In CSGO

Before you start learning how to rank up in CSGO, you must first learn about the factors that determine your rank. However, these factors are only estimates based on what information Valve has released. Valve has not released a complete list of the factors that affect your rank.

As far as what we know so far, factors affecting your rank include how skilled you are, how skilled your opponents are, how often you play the game, and how consistent you are. From this, we can make much more precise decisions about what to do to rank up in CSGO.

Play The Objective

A lot of players make this mistake in CSGO of not caring about the main objective, which is to plant the bomb for the Terrorist’s side and defuse the bomb for the Counter-Terrorist’s side. Players don’t like the role of taking care of the bomb.

Players don’t realize this, but defusing or planting the bomb will get you the MVP star, which helps get your rank up. So, always try to be the first to either plant or defuse the bomb. Also, if you have the bomb as a Terrorist, throwing it might not be a great idea.

Play For The Round

Another mistake that a ton of players make in CSGO is playing for the kills instead of the round. CSGO’s ranking system is way too smart for that. It will know whether you are playing as a team to win the match or just going for frags.

Instead of going for frags, try to play strategically. Even if you are losing the match, you should always try to win the round and make choices based on that main objective. Getting kills at the expense of the round will not help you rank up in CSGO.

Play Consistently

As we have already mentioned, CSGO’s ranking system is way too smart. Players try to improve their consistency by playing several matches on one day of the week. However, even if you win all those matches, it will not have a huge effect on your rank. Instead of playing seven matches on one day, it is better that you play one match for seven days.

Play With The Same Team

Playing solo ranked in CSGO can be a bit of a nightmare because you never know what kind of teammates you will get. If you play with the same team instead, your chances of better teamwork and winning more will improve drastically. Find a team as passionate about the game as you are and play with them regularly.

Final Thoughts

Applying all those tips is a great strategy to rank up faster in CSGO. However, you can not forget the basics. If you want to rank up in CSGO, you can not ignore getting better skills like aiming, controlling recoil, throwing accurate smokes, pre-firing, and more.

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