How To See Trust Factor CSGO?

There is no way that you can see your exact Trust Factor. However, if you are worried that your Trust Factor might have gotten down for some reason, there are ways that you can improve it. First of all, let’s try to understand what Trust Factor is.

Trust Factor is a hidden rating for all CSGO players. It was added to the game by Valve back in 2017. The main purpose of this Trust Factor is to rate players according to how serious they are about the game and then match players with the same or similar Trust Factor. This also helps the “good players” in avoiding getting matched with players that want to deliberately ruin the experience for everyone.

Valve has not yet released the complete list of the factors that the Trust Factor system takes into account while ranking players. However, we do know about certain factors, which include the times you have been reported for griefing, the age of your account, the time you have spent playing CSGO, the time you spent playing other Steam games, and VAC bans on your account.

Although these factors might not be accurate, the process of improving your Trust Factor is quite simple. Since the Trust Factor is a method for judging how “good” or “trustworthy” a player is, you need to avoid griefing as much as possible. This involves staying AFK, making loud noises on the mic, using harsh language in the chat, and deliberately trying to make your team lose the match.

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