How To Spin Gun In CSGO?

CSGO is a game full of secrets and hidden easter eggs. One of those easter eggs is the gun spinning technique. It’s a unique reload animation where your in-game character starts spinning a weapon. It looks super cool. Here is our complete guide on how to spin a gun in CSGO.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Spin Gun in CSGO

Before you get all excited, you should know that you can only spin the Desert Eagle handgun. To spin the Desert Eagle, start by equipping it. After that, swap to the knife and swap back to the Desert Eagle. During the swap animation, press the “F” key. You have to do this multiple times until the spin animation starts. 

  • Step 1: Launch CSGO and start up a match.

  • Step 2: Once in the match, equip a Desert Eagle. 

  • Step 3: Switch to the knife and put the Desert Eagle in your inventory.

  • Step 4: Switch back to the Desert Eagle. During the animation, the in-game character will point it slightly upwards. As soon as you see the Desert Eagle reach the peak of this upward motion, press the “F” key. 

  • Step 5: If your timing is correct, the in-game character will start to spin the Desert Eagle. 


Easter eggs are one of the most fun things in video games. In CSGO, there is an easter egg that allows you to twirl and spin the Desert Eagle, and it looks super cool. Now you know how to spin a gun in CSGO and impress your friends. 

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