How To Vote Kick Yourself In CSGO?

CSGO is a well-thought game. The developers practically thought about everything and included crosshair customization, an effective reporting system for suspicious players, a vote-kick option, and more in the game. Did you know you can vote-kick yourself as well? If you want to learn how to do that, continue reading. 

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Vote Kick Yourself in CSGO

Start by entering a match and pressing the “~” key to open the console. Type “stats” in the console and copy the “userID” from the information that appears. After that, type “callvote kick [userID]” in the console, press enter, and the vote kick will initiate.

Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to vote kick yourself in CSGO.

  • Step 1: Enter a match of CSGO.

  • Step 2: Press the “~” to open the console.

  • Step 3: Type “status” in the console and press the “enter” key.

  • Step 4: A bunch of information will appear inside the console.

  • Step 5: Find your nickname from this information.

  • Step 6: You will see numbers like 659 25 or 782 6 towards the very left of your in-game name. This stream of numbers is your “userID.” Copy them for the next step.

  • Step 7: Type “callvote kick [userID]” in the console, where [userID] is the stream of numbers you copied.

  • Step 8: Press the “Enter” key, and the votekick sequence for you will initiate.


Now you know how you can vote kick yourself in CSGO. All you need to do is find your “userID” in a match of CSGO and then type “callvote kick [userID]” in the console, and then press the “enter” key.

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