Is CSGO Prime Worth It?

Having to deal with cheaters in CSGO too often? A friend of yours might have suggested that you get CSGO prime. However, what even is prime in CSGO, and is it worth getting it? Here is our extensive take on it.

On the 6th of December, 2018, CSGO officially became free to play. This change allowed a lot of players to start playing the game. However, this also allowed cheaters to create as many new accounts as they like.

To combat the cheating issue, CSGO has an option called prime status. Players that have the prime status can turn on prime matchmaking and will only be paired with players that have the prime status.

You can only get the prime status by buying it from the Steam store or the in-game store, and it costs $4.99. For this reason, it is unlikely for you to come across a cheater in CSGO prime matchmaking.

The advantages of CSGO prime don’t just end here. The thing is, without the prime status, players don’t have access to Ranked Matchmaking, which is the primary game mode of CSGO. While they have access to everything else, not being able to play ranked is a major disadvantage.

While prime is $14.99, it has tons of benefits. However, it is for you to decide whether it is worth it for you or not. If you are a regular CSGO player, it is worth it. If you only play casual once a week, getting CSGO prime might not be worth it.

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