Is Elden Ring Multiplayer?

Multiplayer video games are super fun and are great for socializing. With multiplayer games, you get to enjoy the virtual worlds with some of your best friends, which is why a ton of people like them. If you are wondering if Elden Ring is multiplayer, then you are at the right place. Here is our take on whether Elden Ring is multiplayer or not.

Multiplayer Games vs Single-Player Games

Before we explain whether Elden Ring is multiplayer, let’s look at what a multiplayer game is. Let’s also look at what a single-player game is. The simpler of the two is definitely the single-player game.

Simply put, a single-player video game is one where you are the only player playing the game. Take the original SpiderMan game, for example. You can only enjoy that game on your own, as you play as SpiderMan and complete the SpiderMan story.

On the other hand, multiplayer games are the ones where more than one people play the game and complete the objective. Take Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for example.

The main objective in a match of CS: GO is to kill the enemy team or plant/defuse the bomb, depending on which side you are on. You do that with other players in your team against other players in the enemy team, all of whom are connected using the internet. That, in a nutshell, is what multiplayer games are.

Are Games Only Multiplayer or Single Player?

While video games like Spider-Man and CS: GO are either single-player or multiplayer games, not all video games are either one of the two. In other words, a video game can be both a single-player game and a multiplayer one.

In fact, it is actually the norm these days for video games to have both a single-player option and a multiplayer option. For example, Dying Light is a game where you can complete the entire story on your own. However, you can also have some of your friends helping you along the story using the multiplayer option.

Is Elden Ring Multiplayer?

When it comes to multiplayer or single-player, Elden Ring is also one of those games with a multiplayer option and a single-player option, like Dying Light. However, Elden Ring is not based more on single-player or multiplayer, like Call of Duty games where the primary focus is the multiplayer mode and the single-player mode is left on the back burner.

If you want to enjoy the complete Elden Ring Experience, you are not limited by either the single-player or the multiplayer option. You can complete the entire Elden Ring story on your own, or with your friends, without missing out on any of the content.

How To Play Elden Ring Multiplayer?

Elden Ring multiplayer doesn’t work in the traditional sense. You can’t play multiplayer with your friends as soon as you start the game. You need to play the game in the single-player mode for a while and acquire certain items that allow you to play multiplayer.

To play Elden RIng multiplayer, you need to use something called a summon sign. Summon signs are marks you can leave on the ground while playing the game, and you can also find other summon signs that other players might have left for you. These summon signs allow you to join other players or bring other players to your lobby.


In conclusion, Elden Ring is a multiplayer game. However, you can also play the game as a completely single-player game if you want. With the single-player mode, you won’t miss out on any of the content.

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