Is Fifa 23 Pay To Win?

One of the most criticized things in the gaming community is video games with pay-to-win elements. One game that stands out as being on the receiving end of a lot of scrutiny for this is Fifa 23. Today we will shed some light on this issue, with a complete explanation of whether Fifa 23 is pay-to-win or not.

Key Takeaways

  • Pay-to-win games raise concerns in the gaming community due to their reliance on real-money purchases to gain an advantage. In these games, players who spend money can achieve better outcomes, putting those who opt not to pay at a significant disadvantage.
  • FIFA 23, particularly in its popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode, incorporates pay-to-win elements. FUT involves building a powerful team of players, and acquiring top-rated players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi can be done through loot box-like packs that players can purchase with real money.
  • The players acquired through these packs in FIFA 23 have varying stats that directly influence their performance on the field, affecting aspects such as shooting accuracy and tackling ability. This means that the better the players, the more likely a team is to win matches.
  • The distinction between paying and non-paying players in FIFA 23’s FUT mode is stark. While players can work their way up without spending money, the pace at which paying players can assemble a strong team creates an imbalance that disadvantages those who choose not to invest real money.
  • The evidence presented makes a clear case that FIFA 23 falls into the category of pay-to-win games, particularly within the FUT mode. This system has drawn criticism from professional players within the FIFA esports scene, underscoring how the pay-to-win model has intensified in the game’s 2023 edition. Despite this, some players still find enjoyment in FIFA 23, allowing for diverse perspectives within the gaming community.

What is Pay To Win?

Imagine a game where the chances of winning matches are directly related to the cash you are willing to pay. This is a textbook example of a pay-to-win game. Since it puts the player who doesn’t wish to pay at a significant disadvantage, pay-to-win games get a lot of hate in the gaming community.

The Pay To Win Elements in Fifa 23

One of the most popular game modes in Fifa 23 is Fifa Ultimate Team or FUT. In this game mode, the main goal is building a strong team with some of the best Fifa players in the world. To acquire some of the top Fifa superstars, like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, you can either buy them from the transfer market or get them as a reward from a Pack.

Packs are in-game items that work as loot boxes, similar to cases from CS2. Opening a pack in Fifa 23 will give you a Fifa player at random, depending on the type of pack you open. You can either earn these packs by playing the game. Or you can purchase them with real cash.

The problem with this system is that the players you acquire for your team in the FUT game mode are more than just cosmetic. Each player has different stats that determine how effective they will be at shooting precise goals, tackling opponents, and more.

Plus, the best players in the game will be the hardest to acquire, with the probability of them coming out of a Pack being very low. Consequently, it will cost a lot of money to acquire these players. In short, the more you pay, the better your team.

Is Fifa 23 a Pay To Win Game?

Given how the FUT game mode works in Fifa 23, there is little to no debate left on whether the game is pay-to-win. You can spend money to acquire some of the top Fifa superstars for your team. Plus, the more money you spend on the game, the higher the chances of your team winning matches.

This system puts those players who wish to avoid paying at a significant disadvantage. While they can play their way to a great team, the time required to reach that level compared to how fast you can do that by paying is unfair. All of that is a blatant sign that Fifa 23 is pay-to-win.


In short, Fifa 23 is a pay-to-win game, especially for the FUT game mode. Many pro players from the Fifa esports scene have raised their voices against this, highlighting how this pay-to-win system has worsened for 2023. However, many people still enjoy the game and if you are also a Fifa fan, then more power to you.


What is a pay-to-win game?

A pay-to-win game is one where players can gain a competitive advantage by making real-money purchases, giving them an edge over those who don’t spend money.

Which game mode in FIFA 23 is criticized for pay-to-win elements?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the game mode in FIFA 23 that has drawn criticism for its pay-to-win elements.

How does FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) work?

In FUT, players aim to build a strong team by acquiring players, often through packs that simulate loot boxes, and these packs can be obtained by either playing the game or purchasing them with real money.

Are players acquired through packs purely cosmetic?

No, players obtained through packs in FUT have distinct in-game stats that directly influence their performance on the field, affecting gameplay outcomes.

Can players succeed in FIFA 23 without spending money?

Yes, players can progress in FIFA 23 without spending money, but the pace of advancement for paying players can create an uneven playing field.

What are some consequences of the pay-to-win model in FIFA 23?

The pay-to-win model in FIFA 23’s FUT mode can lead to an imbalanced competition, where paying players may have an advantage in winning matches.

Is FIFA 23’s pay-to-win nature a widely acknowledged issue?

Yes, many professional players within the FIFA esports scene and the gaming community have raised concerns about FIFA 23’s pay-to-win elements.

Is there any indication of change or improvement in future editions of FIFA?

As of now, there is no official statement from the developers about changes in the pay-to-win model in future FIFA releases.

Can players enjoy FIFA 23 despite the pay-to-win elements?

Yes, many players still find enjoyment in FIFA 23 despite the pay-to-win system, highlighting diverse opinions within the gaming community.

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