Is Gaming a Bad Hobby?

Ever since gaming started getting popular, the notion that it is not a good hobby started to gain traction as well. While there is some merit to the problems associated with gaming, they don’t paint the complete picture about gaming. Here we will be discussing if gaming is a bad hobby or not.

Why Do People Think Gaming Is A Bad Hobby?

There are several legitimate concerns related to gaming. Here are the most common reasons why people think gaming is bad.

Relation To Violence

One of the main reasons that people think that gaming is a bad hobby is that it may result in violence. This belief stems from popular video games that include tons of violence. Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are examples of video games where players reenact violent scenarios, and parents fear that their children might replicate these scenarios in real life.

Health Issues

When gamers play video games for long hours, serious health issues may start to arise. For example, sitting in front of a gaming computer or a video game console for long hours may cause repetitive strain injuries. Not only that but because of gaming, gamers spend less time moving and taking part in physical activities. This can cause issues like weight gain, low mobility, reduced strength, and poor cardiovascular endurance.

Time Required For Gaming

Another major concern that parents have for their gamer children is that they spend a lot of time gaming. As we have already mentioned above, if a lot of time is spent on gaming, there is not much time left for other things like physical activities. Not only that but children may spend a lot less time studying and doing their homework if they spend too much time on gaming.

Is Gaming Really That Bad?

All the issues that are associated with gaming are legitimate and must not be ignored. Here are some of the proposed solutions for the issues related to gaming.

Violence and Gaming

Tons of studies have been conducted on gamers and their behavior outside of gaming. From all the studies collectively, there is limited evidence suggesting that gamers will turn to violence because of the violence depicted in video games. Not only that but not all video games are filled with violence. There are tons of video games like Rocket League and Fifa that have no violence at all, and they are quite popular amongst gamers.

Restricted Gaming Hours

When it comes to wasting time on video games, the simple solution is restricting the number of hours allocated for games. This goes for children as well as adults. This helps in freeing up time for doing homework and studies. Along with that, video games are not necessarily bad for education. Some video games are actually homework in disguise, where gamers have to solve complicated puzzles.

VR Fitness and VR Gaming

As we have already mentioned, most issues related to gaming can be solved by restricting the number of hours spent on it. This is also true for health-related issues. If gaming hours are restricted, gamers will have more time for physical activities. However, with VR video games, gamers can actually improve their health by more hours spent on gaming. VR video games require gamers to move their whole body, which helps get the required amount of physical activity.

Benefits Of Gaming

So it is clear that all the issues related to gaming are not that severe and have easily implementable solutions for each one of them. Including that, gaming also has certain benefits. For example, video games help improve thinking skills and cognitive ability. Also, video games help introverted people ease into some social interaction. It is quite easy to talk to people in online video games than in person.

All in all, it is safe to say that the question has been answered quite positively. Gaming most certainly is not a bad hobby. It provides tons of benefits in terms of improving cognitive ability. Video games also help people in developing problem-solving strategies. As far as the issues are concerned, there are some easy solutions for them, with the main one being restricting the number of hours spent on gaming.

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