Is Gaming a Hobby?

The short answer is yes, gaming is a hobby. However, this is not true for all gamers. For some people, it is not just a hobby. Some people have spent thousands of hours in gaming, and they have managed to make it much more than just a hobby. Here we will be discussing in great detail, whether gaming is just a hobby or something much greater than that.

Competitive Gaming

With the rise of online multiplayer video games, more and more competitive people started entering the world of gaming. Competitive people take gaming quite seriously and are immensely focused on improving their in-game performance. These types of gamers spend upwards of several thousand hours on a particular game. In these hours spent, these gamers keep finding out new and better ways of improving their in-game performance. Some gamers even spend tens of thousands of hours on just one game.

After spending this much time on a video game, and becoming essentially one of the best in it, competitive players end up in professional eSports gaming. Professional eSports gaming is one of the most common professions that competitive gamers end up in. If you want to become a professional eSports player, you will have to spend thousands of hours perfecting your in-game performance as well.

However, just being good at video games does not take you to the professional level. To become professional players, gamers have to take part in tournaments. They first take part in local tournaments which include teams made up of local players. After gaining some success they make their way up to national tournaments where teams from different parts of the country compete with each other. And then finally international teams start to contact these gifted players and help them on their way to international tournaments.

Gaming And YouTube

It is not necessary for anyone passionate about gaming to end up in the world of eSports. There are other places on the internet where passionate gamers can express their love for gaming. One of the places that come to mind is YouTube. Gamers that spend tons of hours playing video games can also become Youtube content creators.

Becoming a YouTube content creator has its fair share of convenience. There is no need to take part in tournaments, and there is no need to be at your very best in terms of in-game performance at all times. Rather, YouTube content creators have to just worry about creating content for their audience. That’s not to say that YouTube content creation is easy. It also requires some time and dedication to make some good quality content.

Casual Gaming

Gaming in general is a hobby for most people around the world. Not everyone wants to become a professional eSports player or a YouTube content creator. It is because these things require a lot of time and dedication. With jobs and work that people have to do, not a lot of us have the luxury of spending too much time on gaming and taking it to a level that we can consider it to be our profession.

Most people just want to have fun with their friends playing some online multiplayer games like Call of Duty or GTA 5 Online. Some people just want to play a casual single-player game, like God of War or Far Cry, to relax after they come home from work. And there is nothing bad in this. We all need some kind of stress relief and gaming is one of the best ones. Gaming helps take our minds off things. So in this context, gaming is most definitely a hobby.

Gaming And Twitch

For gamers that don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting into a professional eSports team and editing videos for YouTube, Twitch live streaming is a great way for making gaming a profession. Hence, there are tons of gamers out there that make it their career. It all starts with a bit of live streaming here and there. Once they start gaining some traction and start making some money, they realize that this could become a full-time thing.

So is gaming a hobby? After everything that we have mentioned above, it is safe to conclude that it really depends on who you are asking this question. For some people, it is definitely a hobby. However, for some gamers that take gaming to a whole new level, it is not just a hobby. It is their profession, their livelihood, and their career.

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