Is Gaming a Sport?

Gaming has gone from just being just a computer experiment to a juggernaut in the entertainment industry. There are millions of gamers playing video games around the world. Along with that, a massive eSports scene is also growing at a rapid pace. However, there are some people that still do not wish to call gaming a sport. Here we will explore this in great detail to figure out if gaming is a sport or not.

What Is A Sport?

To figure out whether gaming is a sport or not, first, we need to understand what actually constitutes a sport. According to Wikipedia, any competitive physical activity or game where a person has to use, maintain, or improve a skill or physical ability is considered a sport. Along with that, the participants must receive enjoyment from the activity for it to be considered a sport. In some cases, a sport may also provide entertainment to the spectators.

So a sport is basically any competitive activity that more than one participant can perform. Competitive activity refers to an activity where competition can take place with winners and losers. A sport must also be able to stimulate the participants in such a way that their skills are used, and either maintained or improved.

Why Gaming Isn’t A Sport?

Now that we know what a sport is, we can discuss whether gaming is one or not. Firstly, there is one main reason why people consider that gaming is not a sport. That has to do with physical activity. Since a sport must require some form of physical activity, people believe that there is not enough of it in gaming.

When it comes to sports like baseball and football, there is a lot of physical activity. However, the only physical activity in gaming is the movement of the hand or the fingers. That’s not a lot of physical activity.

Why Gaming Is A Sport?

Let’s take the example of sports like basketball and darts. Both of these require vastly different forms of physical activity. If you take an average basketball player and even a champion of darts, both of them will be vastly different in terms of physical appearance. But both these activities are considered a sport. It is simply because both of them have more than a certain threshold of physical activity.

However, darts only require slightly more activity than gaming. Who decides where the threshold lies and what constitutes enough physical activity. Not only that but gaming checks all other boxes for it to be considered a sport. Gaming requires tons of skill, and gaming tons of hours will either maintain or improve that skill. Gaming is also super enjoyable for people that participate in it, as is evident from the number of players willingly taking part in it. There are over 2 billion gamers in the world.

Along with all those things, gaming is one of the leading forms of entertainment with tons of entertainment value for the spectators. All these features can easily classify gaming as a sport.

Do Gamers Even Care?

Regardless of whether people consider gaming to be a sport or not, there is nothing stopping gamers. Gamers from around the world come together to take part in large-scale tournaments. Some of these tournaments even manage to fill out whole stadiums with spectators. All of these people passionate about gaming are part of an ever-growing eSports community.

With the huge number of gamers in the world, eSports is taking the lead in the world of spectator sports. Large-scale eSports tournaments generate soo much revenue and viewership, that it is leaving tons of professional sports behind. The eSports scene is breaking records in terms of viewership and prize pools every year, and it is doing so by such a huge margin that some conventional sports can not even come close to it. So at the end of the day, gamers really don’t care if the world considers gaming to be a sport or not.

Gaming is completely in line with all the standards that constitute a sport. Gaming is enjoyable and competitive. Also, as gamers play more and more video games, they either improve or maintain their skill level. The only thing that gaming falls short of is physical activity. However, several sports don’t require a lot of physical activity. Not only that but the eSport scene is soo massive that it puts several conventional sports to shame. In conclusion, gaming should definitely be considered a sport.

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