Is Gaming Good For You?

As long as gaming has been a popular form of entertainment, people have been pondering the question of whether gaming is good for you or not. Several points need to be considered before answering this question. While certain legitimate concerns arise because of gaming, they do not paint the complete picture about video games. Here we will attempt to answer this question after looking at all the pros and cons of gaming.

Violence And Gaming

Throughout the years that gaming has existed, parents have been concerned about video games being too violent. Video games like Call of Duty depict war, where the players play as soldiers. Video games like Grand Theft Auto depict criminal activity, where players play as a character that can steal cars and rob banks. Parents feel that these kinds of video games may lead their children into violent activities.

However, these concerns are not backed by evidence. Tons of studies have been conducted over the years, that looked at gamers and their behavior. Most of those studies showed little to no evidence that video games can lead to violence.

Not only that but there are tons of popular games that have little to no violence depicted in them. For example, Rocket League is a competitive online game where players control virtual cars and try to push a huge soccer ball into the goal.

Physical Activity

There are only so many free hours that a person has in a day. When it comes to school-going children, the hours are even more limited as they have to go to school as well as get enough sleep. If children start spending most of their free time on video games, they won’t have any left for physical activities. This may lead to some serious health issues like obesity and lack of cardiovascular strength.

This issue can be combatted with time management. It is not necessary to spend all your free time gaming. Some time must be taken out for physical activities. Or people can try VR games. With VR games players are required to move not only their fingers but their whole body. They are also not stuck sitting in front of a desk, rather they are up and moving. This is a great way to include some physical activity.

Social Interaction

It is a common misconception that video games promote social isolation. A lot of people think that video games will make them much more anti-social, and they will have trouble talking to other people. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, it is the exact opposite of the truth. Gaming is not only “Not Bad” for social interaction, it promotes it.

People that are shy or are introverts usually have a tough time socializing. However, when it comes to online video games, interacting with other people becomes much easier. It is because the people that you are interacting with are not in front of you. This helps people to start talking with other people. As people ease into socializing with other people, they gradually build enough confidence to go out and talk to people face to face. This is one of the many benefits of gaming.

Gaming And The Brain

One of the most beneficial aspects of gaming is that it helps people improve their cognitive ability. In other words, with the help of gaming, people become smarter. How is that, you may ask? The thing is, gaming is interactive and engaging. Video games present certain situations to gamers that require good thinking skills. For example, most single-player video games have tons of puzzles built into them. Figuring out a solution for these puzzles helps the brain grow and develop a greater ability to solve puzzles.

Multiplayer video games are even better for people looking to improve their thinking skills. With online competitive games, players constantly have to think of strategies they can use against their opponents. Players often come up with some impressive strategies that leave even the developers of the game amazed. After spending hundreds of hours on competitive online games, gamers usually come out smarter than before.

It is safe to conclude that gaming is definitely good for you. Video games help people improve their thinking skills and help strategize solutions to real-world problems. While some people may consider that gaming may cause tons of problems, those problems are easily fixable, and the benefits of gaming are too great to be ignored.

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