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In the realm of online gaming marketplaces, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. With that said, so many of us gamers end up falling victim to scam websites or those who simply don’t bear privacy in mind. Finding a reputable gaming marketplace to purchase gold and skins shouldn’t be a difficult endeavor. Yet the reality is that more and more scam websites pop up each day, making it hard to weed out the legitimate sites from those just looking to take your hard-earned cash. Our goal at Farming Less is to protect every gamer from scam sites.

Throughout the years, we’ve cultivated a deep knowledge of gaming and online marketplaces. Through that knowledge, we developed a thorough four-step review process to deeply investigate every gaming marketplace we try. Whether it is a site dedicated to RuneScape Gold, CS2 Skins or some other game, we try them all so that you don’t have to. At the end of our review, we cultivate comprehensive best lists to help you make sound choices that you can feel good about. Let’s take a look at our review process.

Our Review Process

As mentioned above, our review process consists of four key steps. Each of these steps is implemented on every site we test so that you can get a full idea of how a site actually functions and whether or not it is legitimate.

1. We check their online reputation

Online reviews can be deceiving. Far too often, scam sites will pay outsiders to write positive reviews, even if their service is a total dud. We check each online reviews for each site and verify on sites such as Trust Pilot to ensure that the reviews are what they seem. We count both negative and positive reviews, making sure to keep both in mind when we decide whether or not a site is worth recommending.

2. We check their prices

Nobody likes to overpay. But at the same time you don’t want to risk and try websites that are unrealistically too cheap. By evaluating their service prices we can get a sense of whether or not a site cares about its customers or is simply trying to take their money.

3. We try their service

The third step in the  Farming Less review process is trying the actual service. This means going through with an actual transaction as you would if you were buying from their marketplace. If it is a site dedicated to RuneScape, we’ll actually purchase gold. This allows us to test the service, the payment methods, the delivery times, and whether or not they hold up their end of the bargain.

4. How easy everything was

Finally, we test the overall ease of use. We know that all gamers want a site that’s user-friendly and straightforward. Buying online gold and skins is complicated enough, you don’t need to deal with a site that boasts a multi-step checkout process or simply feels convoluted to use. A site must check all of the boxes in our review process to make it onto one of our best lists.

Our Promise

At the end of the day, we created this site and our review process to keep gamers like you from falling victim to scams. With our multi-step and in-depth reviews, we reveal scam sites straight away and help you to make better choices when seeking a great online gaming marketplace. Farming Less is always here to help you make the right choice.

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