EarnSkins Review

EarnSkins Review

We all love money, and if you are a CSGO fan, you’ll know that skins equal cash. So what if there was a way to earn both by doing simple tasks when you had a little bit of down time? Well, it turns out there are tonnes of websites that allow you to do this, but which one is best? Well, it might be our featured website for this review, Earnskins. This EarnSkins review was updated on January 2022.
Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what EarnSkins has to offer.

  • Loads of tasks and great variety
  • Low minimum withdrawal
  • Great design and UI
  • Good task descriptions and categorization
  • Fast payouts
  • Lots of incentives and rewards
  • Poor customer support
  • Task system favours existing customers
  • Only offers CSGO skins as payment

About EarnSkins

EarnSkins is an online platform that allows users to earn rewards for completing simple online tasks. Users at the EarnSkins platform have access to several thousand tasks with no limits to how many they can do. Users can withdraw all their rewards in terms of CSGO skins, Cryptocurrencies, and many more.

EarnSkins Review

EarnSkins Key Features:

  • A variety of offers and tasks to take part in
  • Allows players to earn CSGO skins
  • Tasks descriptions and clear and succinct
  • UI is intuitive and looks great
  • Easy Steam or Google sign in
  • Leaderboards, referral and daily reward prizes on offer

Our EarnSkins Review

EarnSkins is a weird one, as there are lots of things that this site does well, but equally, a lot of strange things that only serve to agitate users. On a positive note, the website absolutely looks the part, with a slick, dark design and a UI that allows users to navigate from task to task with minimal fuss. Then as for the tasks themselves, they are in great volume and there is a variety of task options, including offers, surveys and videos.

Then when you make enough funds to cash out, which is $1 or 1000 coins by the way. You can then cash out fast and you’ll receive your CSGO skins in minutes. Plus, it would be rude not to mention the abundance of incentives and daily rewards that players can earn just by signing up and using the platform.

However, there are some issues here. Firstly, the website only allows for CSGO skin cashouts which is a little underwhelming. Secondly, the website locks premium tasks behind paywalls, only allowing users with at least $10 in the bank to participate. Then lastly, the support system is an FAQ section and some social links, so don’t expect your query to be answered fast. It’s a mixed bag here but there is definitely potential with this site, so at the very least, keep it on your radar.


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is EarnSkins?

Earn Cash is an idle-earning website where you can complete simple tasks and take home an equivalent cash value of CSGO skins

✔️Is EarnSkins Legit?

Yes, Earn Cash is the real deal. They have been around for some time, have a dedicated user base and they operate in a transparent manner.

✔️Is EarnSkins Trustworthy?

Yes, Earn Cash is trustworthy. This can be seen through their great Trustpilot rating and we also used the service and had no issues whatsoever.

✔️Did Anyone at EarnSkins Get Scammed?

Not that we can see. Some users feel a little bummed out by the paywalls favoring existing users but overall, the consensus is that this website delivers on its promises.

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3.5 Overall Rating