Play4RSGP Review

Play4RSGP Review

Out of business

In crafting this Play4RSGP review, I had hoped that the site would up and available for true testing. While I didn’t get a good feel for the site itself, my research on the forums and talks with players all revealed that this is a great place to pick up RuneScape gold without risking any potential fraud or scam activity.

  • The site offers 150 MMPORG currencies including OSRS and RS3 gold
  • Customer service agents are available 24/7 to assist and aid
  • Active repeat customers and solid word-of-mouth reviews from real players
  • Several secure fee-free payment options
  • Buy, sell, or trade RuneScape gold and accounts
  • The domain can frequently be down
  • Currency prices are not always listed explicitly
  • Reviews are limited and not Trustpilot certified

About Play4rsgp

Play4RSGP is a popular choice in forums among many RuneScape players, yet they don’t yet have a strong web presence. In creating my Play4RSGP review, I took to the forums to buy OSRS gold and get a feel for how this trading site operates in terms of customer service, player satisfaction, and overall usability.

Play4RSGP Review

In terms of transparency, Play4RSGP is a bit of an enigma. Players rave about the platform, but so much of the site’s information is kept close to the vest. Luckily, reading through reviews and a few site-specific links lead me to the specifications that matter most.

  • OSRS gold cost not listed
  • RS3 gold cost not listed 
  • 150 MMPORG currencies available
  • No cash back on $50+ transactions 
  • Over 100+ positive reviews on site
  • Delivery rates not listed 
  • Customer service 24/7 via live chat
  • Payment via MoneyGram, AliPay, Qiwi, PayPal, Boleto, WebMoney, BitCoin, StarPass, Western Union, Yandex Money, and PoliMoney
  • Not rated on Trust Pilot

Our Play4RSGP Review

At the time of writing this review, the domain for Play4RSGP had already expired, meaning I couldn’t test the site the way I wanted to. Luckily, I found success in securing as much information as I could from players in the forums. Since this site may come back up soon, it is important to note that players cited a simple and easy-to-use checkout process. All you have to do is choose your RuneScape gold-type (OSRS or RS3), select a payment option, and hit “purchase.” Your goods are delivered once your payment clears, which typically takes under 10 minutes.

Customer service is always available via a live chat function and agents reportedly take their job quite seriously. While I didn’t get to interact with an agent personally, I did speak to players who were happy with the level of service they received, stating that agents were knowledgeable and as addicted to the game as they were. Additionally, the site is all about protecting players and themselves from fraud. They take a very hard stance on fraudulent payments and scams, even going so far as to ban players and customers who strive to scam the site. The site does boast 100’s of positive reviews, leading me to believe this is a quality scam-free site that simply let their domain lapse. In due time, it is reportedly going to be back and better than ever.

Even though I didn’t get to test the site on my own, I do believe the players who boast about a positive buying experience, solid customer service, and reputable word-of-mouth recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What Is Play4RSGP?

Play4RSGP is a site dedicated to buying, selling, and trading currency for over 150 games, most notably old school RuneScape and RuneScape 3.

✔️Is Play4RSGP Legit?

Though the domain site was down upon review, players and forum members give Play4RSGP a high rating and did not cite feeling as if the page was a scam.

✔️Is Play4RSGP Trustworthy?

Hundreds of transactions have successfully occurred on the Play4RSGP site. With good reviews and a solid reputation in actual RuneScape forums, I believe the site to be quite trustworthy.

✔️Has Anyone been Scammed at Play4RSGP?

Though there aren’t any actual Trust Pilot ratings on the site, there are no indications that any player has ever been scammed while buying or selling gold from Play4RSGP.

Out of business
Ease of Use
1.0 Overall Rating