What Does BM Mean In Gaming?

BM in gaming is short for bad manners. Online video games are like any other sport. When you win in any sport, let’s say table tennis, showboating is discouraged and disliked by almost all people. In the same way, showboating and talking trash about the enemy team after winning a match is considered BM in the world of gaming. Also, BM is usually seen on online video games. It is because you can only have bad manners when there is another person involved.

BM includes several other behaviors as well. It includes, constantly spamming taunts in the chat, going AFK when your team starts losing, being toxic to the enemy team once they win the match, and shouting at your teammates in the voice chat because you think they aren’t performing well.

BM is commonly seen in two kinds of gamers. The first one is the toxic player. A toxic player will have bad manners no matter what, so it’s better to avoid such players. The second one is the newbie. A newbie will start BM in a video game without even knowing it. For example, a player that has just started playing a Call of Duty game may start teabagging on enemies once they get killed. They may find it to be a simple joke because they aren’t the ones on the receiving end of the joke. Once they realize how rude it is, they will probably stop doing it.

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