What Does Clutch Mean In Gaming?

The term “Clutch” is basically gamers’ slang for when a player manages to win the match or the round, even though the odds are no whare near in their favor. In other words, when someone manages to win the round for the team while there is a high probability that the round can’t be won, it is considered to be a “Clutch”.

Let’s suppose that you are playing a ranked match of Rainbow Six Siege. All your teammates are dead, and there are still 4 players alive on the enemy team, with full hp. The odds are not in your favor, and there is over a 90 percent chance that you will lose this round. However, you manage to land headshots on all four enemies, killing them all, and winning the round for your team. You, my friend, just “Clutched” the round.

However, performing a clutch can sometimes be easy and sometimes not so much. Let’s assume that you are in a 1 v 2 or even a 1 v 3. If all the enemies were low and two of them died by a claymore, it is still a clutch, even though it was not that impressive. A clutch is a clutch, no matter how easy it seemed. However, sometimes a clutch is soo impressive that it blows the minds of your teammates, and the enemies, away. With all that said, you have to be either really lucky or highly skilled to perform a clutch often.

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