What Does GG Mean In Gaming?

GG is short for “Good Game” and is pronounced “jee-jee”. Just like the term “AFK”, “GG” is one of those slang gaming terms that are pronounced just how they are typed in the in-game chat. In other words, when you type “WP” in the in-game chat you actually mean “Well Played” and when you are talking with your teammates in the in-game voice chat you will say “Well Played”. However, even if gamers are using the in-game voice chat, they will say “jee-jee” instead of “Good Game”. You may have heard some of your fellow teammates saying, “Jee-Jee Boys” or “Jee-Jee that was an epic match”.

While no one really knows where the term “GG” came from, some reports suggest that it was first coined in the 1990s. These reports are from the developers of the game StarCraft that claim that it was their gaming community that first started using the term “GG”.

Regardless of who coined it, using the term “GG” is just good manners and good sportsmanship. If you enjoyed the game and had fun, you should type “GG” in the in-game chat. Toxic people will start talking trash to the enemy team if the enemy team loses or will start being toxic if the enemy team wins. This ruins the overall experience of online gaming. So regardless of the outcome of the match, you should consider typing “GG” in the chat so the toxicity can be lowered.

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