What Does OP Mean In Gaming?

You may have heard the terms “that weapon is OP” or “that character is OP”. OP in gaming is short for Over Powered. The definition of OP in gaming is exactly what the name suggests. When gamers talk about a weapon or character being OP, it means that the weapon or the character is too powerful. It is not just limited to weapons or characters. Specific abilities, like ultimates in Overwatch, can be considered OP as well.

OP weapons and characters have been a part of video games for a long time. Some of the common OP things include the operator “Ela” from Rainbow Six Siege, the weapon “Wingman” from Apex Legends, the weapon “Peacekeeper” from Apex Legends as well, and the “Duel Pump” combo from Fortnite. When gamers find something that is OP in a video game, then it becomes a no-brainer to start using it over other things. For example, if you know that the “Wingman” is OP in Apex Legends, you will likely start using it. As the word gets out, more and more people will start using it.

You may be wondering that if a weapon is OP in a particular game and everyone starts using it, all other weapons become useless. So why do developers do this? Actually, developers don’t make anything OP on purpose. As soon as they find out that something is OP, it gets fixed. “Ela” and “Duel Pump” are no longer OP.

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