What Does POG Mean In Gaming?

In the world of gaming, POG is short for “play of the game”. This is term is almost exclusively used by the Twitch community. Most other gamers who aren’t familiar with the Twitch streaming culture and aren’t a part of that community don’t really know what POG means. Even if they do know what POG means, it is not a term commonly used outside of the Twitch gaming community.

But what does, “play of the game” actually mean? Whenever a player does something that is remarkable while playing an online game that is also being viewed by tons of other people, it is called the play of the game. For example, let’s say that a match in a CSGO tournament is taking place. Now let’s assume that only one player is alive in the Counter-Terrorists team and the bomb has been planted. Now suppose that a molotov is thrown on the bomb so that the player can’t defuse the bomb, but the player manages to time it correctly and defuses the bomb whilst burning in the fire. As the bomb defuses the player dies but wins the round for t the team. This is a great example of a POG moment, as it actually happened.

Common terms that are used by the Twitch community include, Pog, poggers, and PogChame. All these terms are synonymous with POG and are used to express excitement when they see their favorite streamer do something remarkable.

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