What Does Pubs Mean In Gaming?

This article explores the term “Pubs” or “Pub games” in the context of gaming. It delves into the history of the term, its usage in LAN and online gaming, and its relevance in modern-day gaming with the popularity of online lobbies and matchmaking systems. The article also discusses how the term is used in the competitive gaming community.

Key Takeaways

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  • RTX cards are equipped with ray tracing technology, which simulates the behavior of light rays and makes in-game visuals more realistic compared to GTX cards that don’t have this technology.
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So What Does Pubs Mean In Gaming?

When someone says “Pubs” or “pub games” in the context of gaming, they are actually referring to the term “Public Games”. Before online competitive gaming and the matchmaking system became very popular, the term “Public Games” or “Pubs” was used to refer to LAN or online lobbies created for anyone to join. In other words, a Pub game was a LAN match or an online lobby which included not only people who know each other but people who were complete strangers to each other as well. Meaning that anyone can join them.

These days, with the popularity of online gaming, there are tons of public lobbies that anyone can join. Take the lobby section for Battlefield 4 for example. Anyone can join whichever server they want from the server browser, as long as they have Battlefield 4 installed on their computer. Not only that but all matchmaking systems for online videogames will send you into a public game or Pubs. There is no restriction for who can use the matchmaking system and play the game. If you are not playing with your friends, you will be paired with complete strangers.

Where the term Pubs is useful is with the competitive gaming community that regularly conducts small-scale tournaments and matches. This requires them to create lobbies that only specific players can join, which are the ones taking part in the tournament or match. So they often use the term “Pubs” to refer to matches other than organized matches or tournaments.


In conclusion, the term “Pubs” or “Pub games” has an interesting history in the world of gaming. It has evolved from LAN matches to online lobbies and matchmaking systems, where anyone can join in and play with complete strangers. While the term may have lost its original meaning, it still holds relevance in the competitive gaming community for referring to matches that are not organized tournaments. The popularity of online gaming has made Pubs a common term, and it is likely to remain a part of gaming culture for years to come.


What does “pubs” mean in gaming?

“Pubs” is short for “public matches” in gaming. It refers to online multiplayer games where players join random matches with other players online.

Are “pubs” the same as “ranked matches”?

No, “pubs” and “ranked matches” are different. “Pubs” refer to casual, unranked matches where players can join and leave freely. “Ranked matches” are competitive matches that affect a player’s ranking and require more strategy and coordination.

Why do some players prefer “pubs” over “ranked matches”?

Some players prefer “pubs” because they are less stressful and allow players to enjoy the game without the pressure of performing well or affecting their ranking. Pubs can also be a good place for beginners to learn the game and practice.

Can players still improve their skills in “pubs”?

Yes, players can still improve their skills in “pubs” by practicing their gameplay mechanics, learning new strategies, and experimenting with different loadouts. However, since “pubs” are generally more casual, players may not experience the same level of competition as in “ranked matches.”

Are there any downsides to playing “pubs” exclusively?

One downside of playing “pubs” exclusively is that players may not develop the teamwork and coordination skills required in “ranked matches.” Additionally, since “pubs” are generally more casual, some players may find the experience less engaging or exciting compared to the more competitive “ranked matches.”

Can players switch between “pubs” and “ranked matches”?

Yes, players can switch between “pubs” and “ranked matches” depending on their preference or goals. For example, some players may enjoy the more casual experience of “pubs” while others may prefer the challenge and reward of “ranked matches.”

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