What Does PVP Mean In Gaming?

PVP stands for player versus player and is the exact opposite of PVE or players versus environment. The term “PVP” revers to video games or game modes where players have to face enemies that are controlled by other players. For example, in CSGO, you control an in-game character and other players control the in-game characters of the enemy team. In other words, PVP refers to video games or game modes where you will have to face other players.

PVP games or game modes are one of the most popular ones. It is because of its competitive aspect and replayability. You can only spend a certain amount of time on a completely PVE game and still enjoy it. At some point, it becomes redundant and repetitive because there are only a limited number of variations that the computer-controlled enemies can create for you. But when it comes to PVP games, almost all matches are unique. If you play a match of Valorant right now, the strategies and tactics that enemy players will use against you will be completely different from what you experienced in a match played a few months ago.

That’s not to say that PVE games are not popular. Some PVP games are not completely PVP as well. They include some PVE modes or some PVE aspects. For example, Call of Duty almost always comes with a single-player campaign, which is one hundred percent PVE, and some Call of Duty games even come with a zombies mode.

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