What Does RPG Mean In Gaming?

RPG is short for Role-Playing Game. RPGs are video games where you roleplay as a character from the fictional world of a video game. For example, God Of War is a Role-Playing Game where you play as “Kratos” the God of War, as he takes on a journey and progresses through a predetermined story. However, that is not to say that all RPGs will have only one particular ending. Rather, most games these days can have different endings depending on the decisions you make.

There are two main types of RPGs. Firstly there are single-player RPGs. As the name suggests, in a single-player RPG, only you are the one playing the game, and only you can control the character and progress the story. Some popular single-player role-playing games include God of War, The Witcher Series, and the Far Cry series.

As you may have guessed, the second type is multiplayer RPGs. These games can be even more fun as there are a lot of characters to play as, and you get to meet other players that are also playing as in-game characters. You can hop in a multiplayer RPG with some of your friends and take on epic journies with them, completing some really cool missions while dealing with tough obstacles and enemies along the way. Popular multiplayer RPGs include Monster Hunter: World, Tales of Berseria, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter Rise, Warframe, Sea of Thieves, and the Final Fantasy Series.

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