What Is a Macro In Gaming?

A macro is basically a chain of commands that can be programmed onto keys on your keyboard or a button on your mouse. To execute the chain of commands, all the player has to do is press the key on which the commands are programmed. Macros allow users to perform unique functions that can not be performed with the help of a normal keyboard or mouse. Gamers usually use keyboards and mice that have extra buttons over the normal ones, so they can program the unique commands onto these extra keys.

Macros can be quite useful for gamers that quite often need to press a combination of multiple keys to execute a single action in a video game. For example, let’s say that a particular game requires you to press two keys to execute a move. You can set a macro on a spare key on your keyboard to execute the function of the two keys. In this way, whenever you press the macro key, it will execute the function of the two keys and the move will take place in the game.

However, things are not so great for macro users. Some games consider macros to be cheating and you can get banned for using them. This is because some macros are so advanced that they can make a semiautomatic weapon full auto and can also lower the recoil of a weapon. So check with the rules of the game before you dive into the world of macros.

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