What is a Rune Arc Elden Ring?

Every Elden Ring player knows about Runes, the primary currency of Elden Ring. If you have been playing Elden Ring for a while, you probably have a stack of tons of Runes. But did you know that there is another thing in Elden Ring called a Rune Arc? Here is our take on what Rune Arc is in Elden Ring.

What are Rune Arcs in Elden Ring?

Rune Arc is a special consumable item in Elden Ring, and its primary use case is to activate the effects of the Great Rune you have equipped. In other words, if you have a Great Rune, it will stay dormant until you get a Rune Arc and use it.

You can think of Rune Arcs as the Embers from Dark Souls 3. Rune Arcs in Elden Ring provide players with certain buffs, which help them in combat and exploration. However, these buffs only remain applied until they are alive. Once they die and respawn, they will need to use them again to get all the benefits from them.

Some people might confuse Rune Arcs with the primary currency of the game, Runes. Both Rune Arcs and Runes are two completely different items. Rune Arc is a special item, and it can not be used as a currency in the game.

How to Get Rune Arcs in Elden Ring?

Now that you know how valuable a Rune Arc can be, you are probably wondering where you can get them. Sadly, there is no way that you can buy unlimited amounts of Rune Arcs for Elden Ring. Not only that, but you can not even craft Rune Arcs.

One of the only options that players have for acquiring Rune Arcs is by farming for them. Farming is a term used for gaming that refers to a process where players perform simple low difficulty, but grindy tasks in return for a reward, which in this case is Rune Arcs.

Another way you can get Rune Arcs is by buying them from specific merchants. There are only a handful of in-game merchants who will sell you Rune Arcs, and once you buy from them, they won’t have any to sell you. If you want to learn more about those merchants, check out our guide on where to buy Rune Arcs in Elden Ring.

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