What Is a Sweat In Gaming?

If you have been playing competitive online games for a while now, you may be familiar with the term Sweat. Other terms that refer to the same thing include Sweaty, Sweating, trying hard, and try-hard. The term “sweat” refers to a gamer who is putting an excessive amount of effort into a match of a particular video game. While there is nothing wrong with putting in tons of effort to get rewarded, a sweat is a person who does not understand the concept of playing casually or playing for fun. Try-hard or sweaty player are other names for this kind of player.

While playing a competitive online game, you may have come across a sweat yourself. You might have come across that one player on the enemy team or maybe in your team that keeps on taking the game too seriously as if their life is on the line. Playing like this takes all the fun out of the video game. When a person starts acting like this, it is called sweating or trying hard.

You may be wondering, what does sweat have to do with a player like this. Well, if a person is trying super hard and putting in more than the required amounts of effort in something that is either not that serious or pointless, what happens to them. They start sweating. That is where the term “Sweat” actually comes from. However, there is no shame in putting in the effort, if you want to become better at a video game.

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