What Is a Whale In Gaming?

A whale in gaming is someone who has spent tons of money on in-game items. A whale may buy in-game items for only one game, but with the amounts of money that a whale spends on video games, it is unlikely that they will be sticking to only one game.

The term “Whale” was not originally a part of gaming. A whale is basically a slang term for a particular type of investor in the stock market. An investor that owns an enormous amount of stocks of multiple companies and has invested millions of dollars is known as a whale. The word is based on the premise that the stock market is an ocean with tons of fish. The whale is the largest one in the ocean, so it only seems fitting that the investor with the most amounts of stocks and investment is called a whale.

In the same way, a gamer who spends tons of cash on in-game items is considered a whale in the world of gaming. A whale will have spent upwards of a thousand dollars on the in-game items. It may not seem like a lot as compared to the net worth of actual whales, but it’s a lot of money in the world of gaming. It is also the reason why most game publishers are after these whales. If you have spent over a thousand dollars on a video game, you are also a whale.

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