What Is ADS In Gaming?

If you have been playing first-person shooters for a while now, you are probably familiar with the term ADS. However, players that don’t play first-shooters, or any kind of shooter games for that matter, probably don’t know what ADS means. ADS is short for “Aim Down Sights”.

In shooter games, there are mainly two ways that you can shoot your weapon. The first one is without using your sights. In other words, you are shooting at a target without looking it through the sights that are attached to your weapon. This type of shooting style is called hip fire.

The second method that you can use to shoot with your weapon in a shooter game is by using the sights attached to your weapon. In other words, you are looking at your target through the sights, while you are shooting at it. The act of aiming at a target through your sights is called ADS or aiming down the sights.

In most shooter games, the default button for aiming down the sights is the right mouse button. The main benefit of aiming down the sights is accuracy. If you are not using your sights, you probably won’t be able to be that accurate. It is because the sights are made to assist in angling the barrel of the weapon directly towards the target. However, if you do ADS, you may have to compromise on mobility and running speed. It is why gamers are constantly switching between ADS and hip fire during a match.

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