What Is MMR In Gaming?

In the world of video games, MMR stands for Match Making Rating. While not a lot of gamers know what it means, almost all gamers, especially those who play competitive online games, have heard the term MMR several times. The Match Making Rating or MMR is a number assigned to a gamer that represents their skill level. A player can have a different MMR for a different game that they play because it is highly likely that they will have a different skill level for different games.

Your MMR will determine what skill level players and teammates you will get paired with once you start matchmaking. For example, if you are a highly skilled player, you will probably have a higher MMR. Consequently, you will be paired with players with a high MMR as well. In the same way, if you have a low MMR, you will get paired with players that have a low MMR as well. This will ensure that you are getting paired with players that have roughly the same skill level as you.

The MMR matchmaking system is implemented to improve the gaming experience of all gamers. It eliminates the probability of average players losing all the time and highly skilled players winning all the time. Since you get paired with players that have a similar skill level as you, you will lose some and win some matches. This makes the game much more fun for nearly all players.

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