What Is Ping In Gaming?

In online gaming, ping refers to the time it takes data to reach the game server from a gamer’s computer and then back to the gamer’s computer. In some cases, ping also refers to the packet of data sent to a server. In this context, the ping helps measure the responsiveness of a particular server. However, when ping is being talked about in the context of online gaming, it refers to the delay that a gamer experiences between an input that they make and the response of a server according to that input.

Since ping is a measure of time, its units are also the units of time. Data travels at extremely fast speeds, and it does not take a lot of time for data to reach a game server. Hence ping can not be measured in minutes or even seconds. Ping is actually measured in milliseconds or ms, which is one-thousandth of a second.

A common ping that gamers get while playing online games is 50ms to 100ms. A ping of 50ms to 100ms is actually a great ping for online games. If you are really close to the game server that you are connected to then you can even achieve pings as low as 20ms or even 10ms. However, the probability of you getting a ping of 10ms is extremely low. If you are getting ping over 200 then you will experience some serious lag to the point where the game becomes unplayable.

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