Why Do I Get Lag Spikes In CSGO?

There are multiple reasons why you might be experiencing Lag spikes in CSGO. However, the most common reason for Lag spikes in CSGO is that either there is some issue with your network that is causing network instability, or there is some issue with your hardware causing performance instability. Here are all the most common issues that may be causing lag spikes in CSGO.

  • Wifi-Connection: A wireless connection is inherently unstable and will cause network instability issues. It is also why gaming on a wifi connection is not advised.
  • Damaged Ethernet Cables: Damaged ethernet cables are one of the main reasons for packet loss, which causes massive amounts of lag spikes while playing online games.
  • Unnecessary Load On Bandwidth: When you run background downloads, it causes them to eat up all the bandwidth. This may cause network instability, which can cause lag spikes in CSGO.
  • Unnecessary Load On Hardware: In the same way, when you run tons of background applications in CSGO, it causes them to eat up all the performance of your PC, which in turn can cause a performance drop, which may also cause lag spikes.
  • Corrupted Game Files Files: Corrupted game files almost always cause massive amounts of stuttering and lag spikes while gaming. When game files get corrupted, the game won’t work how it is supposed to.

Outdated Drivers: Outdated drivers may also cause lag spikes while playing CSGO. Outdated drivers will cause performance drops, which is what causes the lag spikes.

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