How does RuneScape Detect Bots?

RuneScape detects bots using the Botwatch system. But when it comes to how it works, we really don’t know much about it. It is because the developers themselves have disclosed little information about it. Regardless, there still is some information on how it works and here is our take on it.

Key Takeaways

  • RuneScape detects bots using the Botwatch system, which focuses on the behavior of an account rather than the game’s code.
  • Bots are pieces of software that players use to control their in-game character, often for the purpose of grinding and farming for in-game items and gold.
  • Mod Jacmob, a bot developer who created an undetected bot, was hired by RuneScape to help develop the Botwatch system.
  • The specifics of how Botwatch works and what it considers non-human behavior are unknown, as revealing this information could help players work around the system.
  • Despite the presence of Botwatch, there are still players who use bots, though how long they can continue to do so without getting caught is uncertain.

What Are Bots In RuneScape?

what are bots

Before we dive into how RuneScape actually detects and then bans bots, let’s take a look at what bots actually are. Bots are pieces of software that people use to control the in-game character, so they themselves don’t have to. In other words, a bot is a piece of software that does all the work while the one who is using the bot has to just sit back and relax.

In general, bots can do all sorts of stuff. The most basic bots will be able to move and farm for in-game items. The more advanced bots can move around the map and perform actions just like a human would, but not exactly like a human. Even the most advanced bots have slight detectable differences.

Why Do People Use Bots In RuneScape?

why people use bots

People use bots for all sorts of reasons. One of the most common reasons that people use bots in RuneScape is for grinding. The thing is, if you want to acquire just about anything in any kind of MMORPG, you will have to grind for it. It takes quite a lot of time to grind for the stuff that you want in RuneScape. Not a lot of people have that kind of time. Also, no one likes grinding.

You might be wondering, what would people do with all that stuff they acquired after grinding for it using a bot? Well, they just sell them. One of the common things that people do in RuneScape with bots is farming gold. After farming tons of gold, they simply sell it to people who don’t want to spend all that time grinding. So it’s like a win-win situation for everyone.

Botwatch – Bot Detection System For RuneScape

The system that RuneScape currently uses to detect bots is called Botwatch. This system was introduced to the game in September of 2012. Along with this bot detection system, Botany Bay was also released. The Botwatch system was developed with the help of Mod Jacmob.

Mod Jacmob was a bot developer who managed to create a bot that was undetected even after the Bot Nuke Day update. What was outstanding about this was that he managed to create this bot just after a week of the Bot Nuke Day launch. He was soon hired by the developers of RuneScape.

How Are Bots Currently Detected In RuneScape?

As we have already mentioned, no one actually knows how Botwatch works and how it detects bots in RuneScape. However, what we do know is that the Botwatch system does not work like other anti-botting protocols that have been implemented in the past. Instead of focusing on the code for the game and trying to see whether someone has tampered with it, Botwatch focuses on the behavior.

Botwatch checks the actions of an account to see if they resemble human behavior or not. In other words, if a player in RuneScape is acting in ways that humans usually don’t then the bot detection system will detect that and start analyzing the movements further. There are also certain checks set in place to determine if the game is running on a third-party client.

However, all these statements are still ambiguous. We don’t know exactly how Botwatch works, and what it considers non-human behavior. It is also necessary for them to not disclose this information as if they do, players will easily be able to work their way around it and start using bots. However, we do know that there are tons of players that have found their way around it and are using bots on a regular basis. How long will they be able to keep this up, no one knows that either. If you are thinking about using a bot, you may be successful in doing so, just keep one thing in your mind, Botwatch is watching you.


What are bots in RuneScape?

Bots are software that people use to control the in-game character so they don’t have to.

Why do people use bots in RuneScape?

People use bots for various reasons, such as grinding and farming gold.

How does RuneScape detect bots?

RuneScape detects bots using the Botwatch system, which checks the actions of an account to see if they resemble human behavior.

When was Botwatch introduced in RuneScape?

Botwatch was introduced to the game in September 2012.

How are bots currently detected in RuneScape?

Botwatch focuses on the behavior of a player account, rather than the code of the game, to detect non-human behavior.

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