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There is a reason why case opening videos crank in tons of views on YouTube. It's because people love the idea that they might win something extremely rare, and they love to see other people taking their chances on it. However, not everyone likes to just watch other people open some cases. There are tons of players that would want to open cases themselves. It is this high demand and the popularity of Dota 2 skins that sparked the development of various online case opening platforms for Dota 2.

The problem arises when a person starts to choose a platform for Dota 2 case opening. Because there are tons of them on the internet, it is tough to find the best Dota 2 case opening sites. However, it is also something that should be taken very seriously. It is because at a Dota 2 case opening site you will be asked to enter some of your personal information and even make some cash deposits. To help you stay safe from places that may scam you, we have created a list of the best Dota 2 case opening sites.

4 Best Dota 2 Case Opening Sites of February 2023

Create your own cases and get earning
4.3 rating
Offers exceptional daily rewards and bonuses
4.3 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Premium subscription with free rewards and exclusive cases
3.8 rating
Offers a large number of cases, each with unique rewards
2.0 rating
Best Dota 2 Case Opening Sites

Our Top Dota 2 Case Opening Website Picks

Why We Picked It

Ranks #1 out of 4 Dota 2 Case Opening Websites

With tons of case opening websites available on the internet, catching the eyes of potential users is not that easy. CSGOLive stands out amongst all other case opening platforms because of its unique “Case Creator” feature. With this feature, players can build their very own custom cases. Players can choose from a wide selection of different skins and add them to their custom cases.

CSGOLive is also amongst the safest online case opening platforms. CSGOLive meets all the necessary security standards for the privacy of user information. For example, the SSL encryption protocol is implemented on the website, which prevents valuable user data from getting into the wrong hands. As far as our CSGOLive review is concerned, we like it a lot. Ending the CSGOLive review, we can conclude that CSGOLive is a safe and one of the finest case opening platforms, with a unique custom case creator feature.

Read full CSGOLive review here.

  • CSGOLive has the lowest amount of limitations when it comes to availability in a particular country. It is available in a staggering 192 countries.
  • Users of the CSGOLive platform have access to the case creator feature, which lets them create custom cases.
  • CSGOLive has an extensive FAQ section that covers almost all common questions and queries.
  • Players can choose from a selection of 9 different languages to view the website in.
  • Players receive daily bonuses on top of the free sign-up bonus.
  • Along with CSGO cases, cases for Dota 2 are also available.
  • CSGOLive is limited to only case openings.

Ranks #2 out of 4 Dota 2 Case Opening Websites

While using the WTFSkins website ourselves, the first thing that caught our eyes was how easy to use it is. WTFSkins takes a straightforward approach. There is little to no clutter on the website. Along with that, the website also feels very fluid. We experienced little to no loading times while switching from one page to another one.

At WTFSkins, players have access to a total of three casino-style games, namely crash, roulette and jackpot, and that’s it. It is great for beginners, but some people may prefer more games.

WTFSkins has several other features that make it an attractive CSGO skin gambling platform. WTFSkins offers exceptional daily rewards and bonuses. Not only that but it also meets all the security and legitimacy standards. As far as our WTFSkins review is concerned, it certainly leans on the positive side. WTFSkins is amongst the best online CSGO skin gambling platforms.

Read full WTFSkins review here.

  • There are a total of 9 languages available for players to choose from for the WTFSkins website.
  • WTFSkins is one of the few online gambling platforms to be available in over 180 countries and is available in almost all large countries.
  • Users for the WTFSkins platform can take advantage of the daily bonuses feature.
  • The process of making a deposit or a withdrawal on WTFSkins is very efficient and is amongst the fastest.
  • WTFSkins allows users to sign-up with their steam account.
  • WTFSkins does not have an extensive selection of games that players can place bets on.

Ranks #3 out of 4 Dota 2 Case Opening Websites

Hellcase is one of the oldest platforms to provide a case opening service to CSGO players. The platform is full of plus points that we had to include in our Hellcase review. Firstly the website not only has CSGO cases but Dota 2 cases as well. Hence, Hellcase proves to be the best for players who like both games. The cases being displayed on the website can be switched from CSGO cases to Dota 2 with the press of a button.

Navigating through the Hellcase website felt like navigating through an in-game menu. It is because of the interactive animations and sounds that are a part of the Hellcase website. This made our experience with the platform that much more enjoyable. To finalize the Hellcase review, it is clear to us that it is a great case opening website for CSGO and Dota 2 cases. It is also highly reputable with a massive community.

Read full Hellcase review here.

  • Hellcase is one of the most popular case opening platforms with a strong community.
  • As a plus point for CSGO players that play Dota 2 as well, Hellcase supports case openings for not only CSGO but also Dota 2.
  • The Hellcase website supports a total of 13 languages.
  • Hellcase rewards its users with daily free bonuses and regular giveaways.
  • The Hellcase website has interactive sounds that make it feel more like a game than a website.
  • Hellcase allows players to seamlessly switch from CSGO to Dota 2 with the press of a button.
  • No live chat support is available.

Ranks #4 out of 4 Dota 2 Case Opening Websites

Initiating this FlameCases review, it has one of the best designs out there. The FlameCases website is sure to attract anyone’s attention. The color scheme is quite attractive, and the images used for the cases and weapon skins are high quality. We tried it ourselves and found almost no issues with the website.

The selection of cases at the FlameCases platform is super extensive. In other words, almost everyone will be able to find a case that suits them. The prices of the cases range from a few cents up to several hundred dollars.

Players can also find cases for Dota 2 which adds even more verity to the platform. On top of all of that, FlameCases gives away hourly rewards and bonuses which is always a good thing. So, with such interesting features in play, we can say this without any hesitation, FlameCases is a decent place if you are interested in spicing up your game inventory.

Read full FlameCases review here.

  • FlameCases is amongst the few case opening websites to be supported in over 190 countries. It is supported in a total of 193 countries..
  • Besides case openings, FlameCases also provides other games including Percent Case, Rolls, and Case Battles.
  • FlameCases is one of the best-looking websites with an attractive and appealing design.
  • There is a large number of cases to choose from on the FlameCases website.
  • FlameCases has an extensive FAQ section with everything covered that anyone could ever ask.
  • FlameCases does not have a lot of language options to choose from. Only 5 languages are available.

What to Consider When Choosing Dota 2 Case Opening Sites?

Choosing a Dota 2 case to open can be difficult. Choosing the best Dota 2 case opening websites for yourself is even more difficult. However, you can make it a lot easier if you know what to consider. Here are the main things to consider while choosing the best site.

  • Legitimacy & Security: There are tons of scam sites that take your money, and even let you open some cases but don't let you transfer the skins to your account. This exclusively happens on non-legitimate platforms.
  • Deposit Options: You should also look at the deposit options to see whether the site offers deposit options that you can use.
  • Effectiveness of Customer Support: You might think you won't ever need to use customer support. However, when you do need an issue resolved by customer support, bad customer support will ruin your day.
  • Design of the Website: This depends a lot on your preference. Make sure you like the design of the site you are about to choose.
  • Verity of Cases to Choose From: This is also a subjective aspect. You might prefer fewer options to avoid getting overwhelmed. But if you want more variety with Dota 2 cases, make sure that the site has that.

How We Test Dota 2 Case Opening Sites?

We have developed an extensive process to filter out the bad sites that may potentially scam you. To test out each platform before adding them to our list, we use the following steps:

  • We check their online reputation: At first, we look at several reviews for the site at reputable review sites. We look for any red flags like scam accusations.
  • We check their prices: We also compare the prices for the Dota 2 cases with prices at other sites. It helps us in filtering out platforms that charge way too much for cases.
  • We try their service: While checking reviews is a great way to learn more about a platform, it does not paint the full picture. To verify if a case opening site is any good or if it truly is a scam site, we use the platform for ourselves.
  • How easy everything was: After using the platform and opening some cases ourselves, we move on to evaluating the site based on our experience. We look back at whether we had fun using the platform or if we faced any issues like lag.


It is certain that if you choose any website from our list of the best Dota 2 case opening sites, none of them will feel lacking in any way. However, selecting one of them to be the best site for Dota 2 case opening is something that we can't do for you. It is because that is a decision that you must make for yourselves as tons of personal preferences come into play. You may want a website to look a certain way, but another person may want it to look some other way. Hence, it is best that you try some of them out yourselves and then make the decision.

That being said, you can rest assured that any websites that you choose from our list will not appear to be sub-par in any aspect. It is because before we add any website to our list, we pass it through a strict review process that we have developed ourselves. This review process helps us analyze some important aspects of the websites. These aspects include legitimacy, trustworthiness, and reputation. In other words, all websites in our list are one hundred percent legitimate, completely trustworthy, and have a great reputation.

Our Top Dota 2 Case Opening Websites
4.3 rating
Create your own cases and get earning
4.3 rating
Offers exceptional daily rewards and bonuses
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
3.8 rating
Premium subscription with free rewards and exclusive cases
2.0 rating
Offers a large number of cases, each with unique rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is the best Dota 2 case opening site?

With every individual having different preferences, when it comes to Dota 2 case opening websites, it is hard to suggest one platform as the best of them all. Hence, we recommend that you try out some of the websites for yourselves and then make the decision based on what you like. We recommend you check out our list as it features some of the best ones available.

✔️Is it safe to use Dota 2 case opening sites?

While for the most part, it is completely safe to use Dota 2 case opening websites, there have been reports of people getting scammed at certain places. However, these places are untrustworthy, to begin with, so it is best that you avoid any platform that has a bad reputation.

✔️Can you get banned for using Dota 2 case opening sites?

There is a zero percent chance of you getting banned by using a Dota 2 case opening website. It is because Dota 2 case opening platforms are not linked with Dota 2 or Steam in any way whatsoever. However, you must make sure that the platform you are about to use is legitimate.

✔️Are Dota 2 case opening sites legal?

Before you use any kind of gambling-style online platform, you must consult with the laws of your own country. It is because certain countries have strict laws against these kinds of platforms. However, for most parts of the world, Dota 2 case opening websites are completely legal.

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