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The best way to express yourselves in any video game is by equipping skins that best match your personality. Not only is it a way to express your selves, but certain skins are also soo rare that they have become collectible items in some games. One of that games is Dota 2. With hundreds of thousands of players playing the game, there is a high demand for Dota 2 skins from players that want to buy them. To meet this demand, tons of online platforms have been starting to pop up on the internet. These platforms serve as a marketplace for Dota 2 skins.

In the middle of all those platforms, it may be very difficult for a person to find the best places to buy Dota 2 skins. Since there are tons of scam reports from certain Dota 2 skin marketplaces, it is crucial that you figure out which ones are among the most reputable platforms and which ones are not. Platforms that are not well-reputed usually take part in untrustworthy practices and may even scam you if you decide to use their services. To help you with this, we have created a list of the best places to buy Dota 2 skins.

10 Best Places to Buy Dota 2 Skins Websites of February 2023

Buy, trade, and sell on the go, with the mobile app
5.0 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Top up your balance with a +30% bonus for free
4.5 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Incredible deals ranging from $0.5 to $200+
4.0 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Lowest commission with Item sell fee of 2% only
4.0 rating
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
Buy, sell and trade all sorts of CSGO skins and items
3.8 rating
A marketplace for the most wanted CSGO items
3.5 rating
Instant payout for any CSGO skin
3.5 rating
Buy and sell instantly with only a 5% site commission
3.0 rating
No additional fees for buyers
3.0 rating
Get insane discounts of over 20% on CSGO skins
3.0 rating
Best Places to Buy Dota 2 Skins

Our Top Dota 2 Skins Website Picks

Why We Picked It

1. Dmarket

Ranks #1 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

Dmarket is one of the biggest players in the CSGO market. The website has a huge user base, has embraced the blockchain market in a big way and also offers some of the best prices and most well-stocked inventory in the field. The design of the website is superb, the navigation is excellent, the accessibility is fantastic and the ability to search for the skins you want and use bot trading to get what you want immediately is a joy to witness.

Alongside this, there is a great, secure payment system that allows users to get what they want without any worries about hackers grabbing their info. The website has a secure padlock encryption software integrated into the design and perhaps best of all. The website offers the ability to pay and cash out using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

We also appreciated the clear item cards and the fair prices across the board. However, we always got the impression as we navigated this website that DMarket’s main strategy has shifted from skins to blockchain. This is fine, but if you are looking for skins, this can be a little off-putting.

Then aside from this, the commission fee isn’t competitive when compared to other marketplaces out there. Plus, the customer service is weak, as a website of this reputation and stature should have a live chat service. However, if you want a secure, well priced and well-designed skin marketplace, you can do a lot worse.

Read full Dmarket review here.

  • NFT and blockchain marketplace.
  • Decent prices.
  • A well designed and accessible website.
  • Dedicated mobile app.
  • Multiple game items are available.
  • Customer support is lacking.
  • The commission fee isn't competitive.

Ranks #2 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

We have some mixed feelings about Tradeit.GG. From what we can tell, this website is a trustworthy one. The company has been around for quite some time and has built up a trader base of around 2.5 million. Plus, the website offers a variety of language options for those in various regions, offering more accessibility as a whole. Then as for the inventory on offer, it is hard to argue with over $5 million worth of stock on the website. If you are looking for something specific, chances are, they will have what you are looking for.

Plus, it’s nice to see that Tradeit.GG offers a sign up an incentive for new users. Which is something that a lot of non-CSGO gambling websites fail to offer. Plus, the website offers 24/7 support which, when put to the test were relatively responsive and those in the hot seat were knowledgable and helpful. There is room for improvement but it’s more than acceptable.

However, on the negative side, Tradeit.GG’s investment gimmick on the site is a one sided affair that clearly benefits the website more than the user. It’s not a scam as they are very up front and transparent with the process but its still a little disappointing. Then on top of that, the website’s UI is outdated and hard to navigate when compared to close competitors.

Read full review here.

  • A huge stock of items on offer.
  • Prices are relatively low as a whole.
  • 5% commission fee is competitive.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Multiple game items available.
  • Trading bots make trading fast and easy.
  • Lack lustre web design and UI.
  • The Investment programme should be avoided.
  • 24/7 support has room to improve.

Ranks #3 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

We take a look today at the skin website that blazed the trail for all the others today. Bitskins is the first skin marketplace that dealt purely in-game items, initially from just CSGO. Now, they offer items from multiple games, while still maintaining the biggest user base of any website out there today. It pays to be the first to do something, right?

The website has a stunning design, blending dark and green hues excellently, plus, we have to commend the UI, which gives users all the detail they could ask for and allows you to find exactly what you are looking for.

The best feature of this site is the price checker that allows you to scan the item’s history on the market and make an informed decision about whether it is a good time to buy and what price is ideal.

The only downside to this site is that, because it is considered a premium service, you’ll pay for the privilege. This service has a 10% commission fee, which stings for sure. But when you consider that you are paying for a secure, luxurious and well stocked service, it’s a little easier to stomach. So if you can look past this, we would say go for this site.

Read full Bitskins review here.

  • Biggest user base on the market.
  • Good prices and a price checker feature.
  • Responsible support.
  • Clean and well designed site.
  • Serves multiple game items.
  • Secure payments.
  • Cashouts can be slow at times.
  • Commission is higher than most (10%).

Ranks #4 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

CS.Deals is a service that really focuses on offering the customer a great deal and a great time while visiting their site. From the moment we hopped onto their platform we were able to understand the process with ease. The UI is well designed, allowing users to navigate freely between the buying, selling and trading areas of the website with no hassle. Plus, the search engine feature allowed us to find what we were looking for in seconds flat.

We then tested the service and were blown away with the speed which trading could be completed. Plus, we really appreciated the variety of payment options on offer. We bought a skin and within five minutes, the process was complete and the transaction was securely completed with no stress at all.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you are a paying customer, you can enter into giveaways that happen multiple times daily on the site. Allowing you to be in with a chance of winning big just for doing the business you were going to do anyway.

Then the star of the show, the low commissions. If you want to beat the crippling prices and commissions on Steam, CS.Deals is the place to go. With a low fee of just 2%, you make a huge overall saving which can be banked and used for more skins later, which is a real bonus.

The downside to this platform was that the customer service is only an email service and therefore 24hr wait times are the norm here, which was slightly disappointing. However, overall, we would highly recommend CS.Deals to anyone looking to buy, trade or sell CSGO skins.

Read full CS.Deals review here.

  • Great UI.
  • Low commissions.
  • Great giveaway incentives.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Loads of payment options.
  • Customer support is very slow and outdated.

Ranks #5 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

If you are looking for a website that you can wholeheartedly trust, Skinport is a fine option. This website has been around since the CSGO skin market boom and offers a service that is secure, easy to use and if you are a buyer, it’s a place you can get a real bargain. One of the best aspects of this website is the design. The website looks brilliant, the item cards are so detailed, the UI and navigation is outstanding and overall, using this website couldn’t be easier for beginner and veteran traders alike.

We also found that the support system, while only an FAQ section and email form, was surprisingly responsive and very helpful. The agents on hand are knowledgeable and very polite, making dealing with an issue a stress free occasion. Buyers will also love that the website offers 0% commission purchases, so the fee that you see on the marketplace is the actual fee you will pay, which is a refreshing change when compared to sites with hidden fees.

The only downside of this website is that the sellers commission is 12%. Meaning that you lose more than a tenth of your skins value. This can lower to 5% for bigger trades but it still isn’t ideal. However, for the security and the wealth of buyers this site offers, you are paying for the service in a way. Overall, it won’t be a site for everyone but for some, this site will fit like a glove.

Read full Skinport review here.

  • Responsive support.
  • Zero buyers commissions.
  • Incredible site design.
  • Established site (2018).
  • Huge marketplace with tonnes of buyers and listings.
  • High selling fee for lower trades (12%).
  • Not a great site for sellers looking to maximise profits.
  • Cashouts can take a while.

Ranks #6 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

While we aren’t going to go out of our way and fight ShadowPay’s corner, we have to say that this service has a number of great features that could sway more than a few. On the positive side, you can see as soon as you enter the website that the design is clean and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that the UI is so simple and easy to use. Our favorite aspect of this was the outstanding filter options that allow you to find the exact item that you are looking for in seconds flat.

Then building on that, we were also impressed with the lack of hidden fees when we got to check out and the variety of payment options that we were presented with. This was much appreciated and we always felt secure in making each purchase as there is a 24/7 support service that is very helpful and surprisingly responsive. Despite this not being a live chat service, you can still expect a response within about 30 minutes which is pretty rapid.

The downsides of this service though are the slow load times on the site, the lack of bot trading options that can make trading a slower process. Plus, the big one here is the extortionate 10% commission fee. This will make it much harder to find a deal that gives the customer real value. However, it’s far from impossible. So if you can look past these issues, we would say certainly give ShadowPay a try.

Read full ShadowPay review here.

  • Outstanding customer support.
  • Decent prices overall.
  • A variety of payment options and no hidden fees.
  • A great website design and intuitive UI.
  • A large inventory of CSGO and DOTA2 items.
  • Slow website load times.
  • Very high commission fee.
  • No bot trading.

Ranks #7 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

Skin Wallet is a fantastic option for trading CSGO skins for a number of reasons. The first being that this service offers both bot and player to player trading. Meaning that no matter what your preference is, Skin Wallet are here to help. No matter what you choose, the service offers a wide range of options and premium items and offers unique markets for buying and selling items and each has a very clear and easy to use UI.

Then to build on this, Skin Market also make sure that their service is 100% secure with plenty of safeguarding methods and padlock encryption as standard. Plus, there are a wide variety of payment methods to make use of.

Those are the upsides of using this service but it isn’t perfect. The downside is that the 24/7 support isn’t all that responsive, the store only deals in CSGO items, the service has a non-negotiable 0.40$ withdrawal fee and the service doesn’t offer big name payment options like PayPal for example. However, these are small concerns about an otherwise super CSGO trading platform.

Read full SkinWallet review here.

  • Large inventory and fair prices.
  • Low commission fee.
  • Plenty of payment options.
  • Smart and clear UI.
  • P2P and Bot trading.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Support isn't very responsive.
  • Mandatory withdrawal fee.
  • Doesn't offer some big payment options like Paypal.

Ranks #8 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

In a saturated field such as in-game item marketplaces, it can be hard to truly stand out. A problem that this website seems to struggle to overcome at times. However, there is still plenty to celebrate here. Firstly, we have to commend Mannco.Store for offering a simple design that really caters for beginner traders, with a smartly designed UI. Plus, we have to commend this marketplace on offering a wide variety of items for multiple titles. Not to mention a sizable inventory of luxury items for each.

Then into the bargain, the website also offers incentives and giveaways for paying customers. Meaning that if you choose to be a user of this website, there is a chance you may get more value than you ever dreamed possible. The website also has a smooth payment process, a handful of options to do so, and when it comes to crashing out, you’ll have your funds in rapid time.

The only downside to using this website is that it is a very new venture. So as a result, the user base is smaller than most, the support network is slower than most and the inventory isn’t as stacked as other competitors on the market. However, that is to be expected and while we wont say that there aren’t better options out there, we would say that this one is one to keep on your radar and one you should check out.

Read full review here.

  • Simple, intuitive design.
  • Decent inventory.
  • Giveaways and incentives.
  • Quick deposit and cash out.
  • Smaller inventory and user base compared to long established sites.
  • Very new website.
  • Support network is poor.

Ranks #9 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

Much like Bitskins is the founder of the CSGO trading market, Marketplace.TF is the TF2 equivalent. This service has been around since and has allowed players to sell their items on a safe and secure platform which puts their customers and community first. The website is wonderfully designed, has a superb inventory of items and fair fees for those that want to sell items. Not to mention zero fees for buyers. But this only scratches the surface.

This website also has a community hub that allows players to read blog content, discuss and chat about the service on Discord, plus, the website also offers deals and offers to its community of users. For example, at the time of writing, there is a 20% off deal over the Black Friday period. This is a trend on this website, so if you missed this particular deal, don’t panic, there will be more.

The website also has a great support team, has a loadout autobuilder tool to help you with any tough decisions. Plus, this website is the parent company of Scrap.TF. So it has even more pedigree within the space. The only downside to this site is that the cash out times can be longer than some companies but otherwise, this website is a gem and very hard to look past.

Read full review here.

  • Lovely web design and UI.
  • Great inventory and fair prices.
  • Deals, giveaways and incentives.
  • Auto builder tool.
  • Trusted, long serving company.
  • Great support team.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Support could benefit from live chat.
  • Cash out can be a drawn out affair.

10. StoneFire

Ranks #10 out of 11 Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites

StoneFire launched way back in 2015, so it has been quite a while since it started operation. However, while the site is quite popular and a lot of users use the platform, it did not get as much traction as it deserves. We took a look at the StoneFire website for ourselves and tried it out for a while. The website seems to have no issues in terms of delays while changing from one page to another, and overall the site felt quite fluid. The great thing about StoneFire is that it is one of the few marketplaces that support such a large number of games.

The site commission for all sales made at StoneFire is relatively high. However, it can be lowered down to about 7.5% using promo codes, or it can be lowered down to 5% using the StoneFire premium subscription. Another thing that we would like to see improvements on is the payment and withdrawal methods. There is only one for deposit and one for withdrawal. Concluding this StoneFire review, if you are ok with the deposit and withdrawal methods available at StoneFire, then you should definitely try it out as it certainly has a lot to offer.

Read full StoneFire review here.

  • StoneFire is one of the only marketplaces that support in-game items for over five games, including games like Killing Floor 2 and Unturned.
  • StoneFire has an instant cash option where users can sell their in-game items for instant cash.
  • StoneFire has a large collection of CSGO skins, with some as cheap as a few cents and some as expensive as a thousand dollars.
  • The StoneFire website is easy to navigate through and feels super responsive.
  • There is only one deposit option and only one withdrawal option at StoneFire for now.
  • There is no live chat support feature.
  • The site can be viewed in only two currencies.

What to Consider When Choosing Dota 2 Skins Selling Sites?

Let's face it, we all would love to buy some cool Dota 2 skins. However, many people find that choosing a place to buy Dota 2 skins is not that enjoyable. To make that process easier for you, here are some important things to look for while finding a place to buy Dota 2 skins.

  • Legitimacy &Trustworthiness: Imagine if you made some deposits on a website to buy Dota 2 skins, and the site took your money without giving you any skins. It happens a lot on non-legitimate websites, which is why you should only go for legitimate and trustworthy platforms.
  • Site Fees and Pricing: You don't want to be spending tons on worthless skins. It is important to select sites that have decent pricing.
  • Deposit Options: If you can't make deposits at a website, you can't buy anything from that site. Make sure that you select a site that offers deposit options you have access to.
  • Customer Support: It is quite common to experience delays while buying Dota 2 skins. However, good customer support can help you get through this delay a lot easier. On the other hand, bad customer support will make this delay miserable.

How We Test Dota 2 Skins Selling Sites?

To filter out all sites that are either potential scams or have unreasonable pricing, we test each platform with our extensive review process. The Farming Less review process includes the following steps.

  • We check their online reputation: The first step is going to reputable review sites and looking at user reviews. An important part of this step is to look for any scam accusations against the platform to verify them later.
  • We check their prices: As we have already mentioned, you don't want to spend tons of cash on worthless skins. However, impossibly low pricing is sometimes a red flag for potential scams, so we take that into account as well.
  • We try their service: To be sure if a platform will actually scam people, we try out their service ourselves. This includes making deposits and buying Dota 2 skins. If we get what we paid for, then we can conclude that the site is not a scam.
  • How easy everything was: Finally, we look back at how easy everything felt while using the website. Some websites are not designed well, with lags and lengthy sign-up processes. We make sure to choose platforms that are user-friendly.


If you are looking for one platform as the best place for buying Dota 2 skins, sadly, we won't be able to help you a lot in that matter. It is because there is a lot of personal preference involved in this decision. You may want a website to look a certain way or maybe you want a certain payment method to be available on the website. While a website may be considered as the best one for someone else, if it does not meet your requirements, you will not like it. Hence, it is better that you test out several places yourselves and then shortlist the one that meets your needs.

However, if you are looking for platforms that are completely trustworthy, have a great reputation, and meet all the security standards, then you can choose any platform from our list of the best places to buy Dota 2 skins. It is because we have formulated a rigorous testing methodology through which we test each platform before adding it to our list. Our methodology makes sure that there is not a single platform with a bad reputation or with scam accusations that ends up on our list.

Our Top Dota 2 Skins Selling Websites
5.0 rating
Buy, trade, and sell on the go, with the mobile app
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
4.5 rating
Top up your balance with a +30% bonus for free
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
4.0 rating
Incredible deals ranging from $0.5 to $200+
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.
4.0 rating
Lowest commission with Item sell fee of 2% only
Tested & Verified
This website was anonymously tested by our team of gamers and we faced no issues with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is the best place to buy Dota 2 skins?

Sadly, there is no straightforward answer to this question. It is because the personal preferences of an individual play a huge role in answering it. You may prefer one platform while another person may prefer some other platform. Hence you should try some for yourselves first and then decide on the final one. That said, we have made the job a bit less time-consuming. You can check out all of the best places from where you can buy Dota 2 skins in the list available on our website.

✔️Is it safe to buy Dota 2 skins?

While it's generally safe to buy Dota 2 skins, there are tons of places where you can easily get scammed. However, as with everything else that is bad on the internet, it can easily be avoided. All you have to do is look out for suspicious elements for instance abnormal prices, generic reviews, etc. If you keep these things in mind, it's perfectly safe to buy Dota 2 skins.

✔️Can you get banned for buying Dota 2 skins?

With any place that you choose for buying Dota 2 skins, there are absolutely zero chances of you getting banned from it. It is simply because there is no link between the Dota 2 marketplaces and the game itself. In other words, they are third-party platforms.

✔️Is it legal to buy Dota 2 skins?

Yes, buying Dota 2 skins is completely legal. However, there are some places that dwell in shady practices that can scam you off your money. So, it is advised you only pick places from the list available on our website.

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