How Does RuneScape Gambling Work?

Because of how exciting gambling is as an activity, it makes its way into all kinds of other popular things like video games. It is also why gambling is a big part of RuneScape as well. People have been taking part in RuneScape gambling for quite a long time. But how does RuneScape gambling actually work? Here we will try to answer exactly that.

How Does RuneScape Gambling Work?

Gambling in RuneScape works on one basic principle, which is staking. To gamble in RuneScape, players will have to stake some of the gold they have on certain activities. Some activities require two players, with both of them having to stake some amount of gold, while other activities require a single player.

If two players are staking their gold, the outcome of the activity will determine who wins all the gold. On the other hand, if a single player is staking, the outcome will determine whether they win a prize or lose all their gold.

Types Of Gambling In RuneScape

There are several types of gambling in RuneScape. The most popular ones include Dueling, Squeel of Fortune, and Player Run Gambling.

Dueling refers to two players fighting with each other to death. To take part in dueling, players had to go to the Duel Arena and right-click on the player they intend to pick a fight with. Players can also stake some of their gold while dueling, which is where the gambling aspect comes in. The winner of the fight will get the gold. This type of staking is regulated by the game itself so there is no chance of a scam.

The Squeal of Fortune is just a wheel with different sections on it. Each section represents a prize. You can spin the wheel by buying spins for real cash. The section that the wheel lands on will determine what prize you will get.

Player Run Gambling was quite popular but it is now against the rules of the game. Before this ban, players could host (Run) different activities like Dice games and other players would stake their gold on the outcome of these activities.

What Type Of Gambling Do Players Take Part In Now?

Right now, you can only use the Squeal of Fortune if you want to take part in some RuneScape gambling. However, while Dueling is removed from the game, Deathmatch Trust Staking has taken the place of Dueling. It works in the same way as dueling but it has a larger risk of scam because you have to trust that the loser will pay up.

What Are RuneScape Gambling Websites & How Do They Work?

If you are looking for a different RuneScape gambling experience, then you are in luck because RuneScape gambling is not just limited to the in-game gambling methods. The other way that you can take part in RuneScape gambling is by using RuneScape gambling websites.

A RuneScape gambling website is a place where you can either play some gambling games, place bets on esports or sports matches, or take part in other gambling activities using the RuneScape gold that you have acquired. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of RuneScape gambling websites out there.

The way that RuneScape gambling works on RuneScape gambling websites is very simple. First of all, you will have to select a website. You can do this by checking which one has all the features you are looking for. After choosing a RuneScape gambling website, simply make some deposits using your RuneScape 3 or OSRS gold, and then start taking part in any of the gambling activities that are offered by the website that you have selected.

Each website may have a different set of activities to choose from. When you are done having fun at the gambling website, you can withdraw all of your winnings as RS3 gold or OSRS Gold, or you can use any other withdrawal option available on the website.

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Final Thoughts

The main premise of gambling in RuneScape is that players stake some of their gold on certain activities, the outcome of which determines whether they win more gold or not. But a lot of activities have been slowly removed from the game where now we are left with the Squeal of Fortune and Deathmatch Trust Staking.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to rely on in-game gambling methods. There are tons of online gambling platforms where you can take part in gambling activities like slots, betting, and more, using your RuneScape 3 or OSRS gold.

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