How to Get a Wily Hellcat in OSRS?

Old School RuneScape is a fun game with tons of stuff to do, locations to explore, and monsters to kill. You might not have known this, but you can also get pets in OSRS, with the most sought-after one being the Wily Hellcat. Here is a complete guide on how to get a Wily Hellcat in OSRS.

Pets in OSRS

One of the most popular cosmetic items players can have in OSRS include pets. A pet in OSRS is an NPC loyal to a player’s in-game character and usually follows them everywhere they go. Pets in OSRS are non-combat NPCs and won’t engage in any combat.

Pets are purely cosmetic. You can not get any benefits from a pet in OSRS. To acquire a pet, you will either need to complete certain objectives, kill monsters, or you can get them from skilling.

What is A Wily Cat?

One of the most popular pets in OSRS include a cat. However, you can’t directly get a cat in OSRS. Instead, you have to get a kitten and then grow it into a cat after spending time with it and feeding it. You can acquire a cat by completing Gertrude’s Cat quest.

After some time, your cat will get overgrown. If that happens, you can convert your Overgrown Cat into a Wily Cat. To do that, you must complete the Ratcatchers quest and speak to Felkrash so she can train your cat into a Wily Cat.

What is A Hellcat?

Another popular cosmetic item you can acquire in OSRS is the Hellcat, a variant of the normal cat. To get a Hellcat, you must first get a regular cat from the method explained above. After that, you have to complete a sub-quest (Freeing Evil Dave) of the Recipe for Disaster main quest.

During Recipe for Disaster, you must visit Evil Dave in his mother’s basement and use your normal cat to kill the Hell-Rats. Once your cat has killed several rats, it will get corrupted by the demonic nature of the rats. After that, your cat will get transformed into a Hellcat.

How to Get a Wily Hellcat?

To get a Wily Hellcat, you need to acquire a regular Hellcat first. Once you have done that, you have to wait for your Hellcat to reach the overgrown state. Once that is done, you can take your cat to Felkrash after completing the Ratcatchers quest and then speak to her so she can train your Hellcat into a Wily Cat. After doing all that, you will have your very own Wily Hellcat.

However, it may take you several hours to complete this process. Growing your cat into an Overgrown Cat alone can take 5 to 6 hours. Also, you must make sure that you don’t forget to feed your cat every 20 minutes, or else it will run away.


To get a Wily Hellcat, you must first get a kitten and then feed it so it can grow into a cat. Then you must convert it into a Hellcat. After that, grow it more to turn it into an Overgrown Cat. After that, you can get it trained into a Wily Hellcat.

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