How to Make Compost in OSRS?

If you want to learn how to make some compost in Old School RuneScape, you are at the right place. Here is our complete guide on how to make compost in OSRS.

What is Compost in OSRS?

Compost in OSRS is an item you can use while using the Farming skill. You can use compost in OSRS on a farming patch to gain several benefits.

The main benefit of using compost on a farming patch is that the chance of that patch becoming diseased per growth stage gets reduced by about 50%. Also, for each bucket of compost you use on a farming patch, you get 18 Farming experience.

Other benefits of using compost while farming includes an increase in the maximum number of harvests you can extract and the minimum yield you can get from the farming patch you used the compost on.

Compost can also be applied underwater on giant seaweed patches, providing all the benefits it does on land.

How to Make Compost in OSRS?

To make compost, you will first need a compost bin. Fortunately, you can find compost bins right next to farming patches, which means you don’t need to build one yourself.

Inside a compost bin, you must place 15 items and leave them for about 60 minutes. After placing the items in the compost bin, closing it, and waiting for 60 minutes, the stuff you have placed into the bin will have converted into compost.

Once the compost is created, you can collect it using buckets. It means that once you are done making the compost, you need buckets to be able to use the compost at a farming patch.

Fortunately, getting a bucket is not that difficult in OSRS. In fact, a bucket is probably one of the most widely available items in OSRS. You can purchase a bucket for very cheap at nearly all general stores.

If you have waited 60 minutes for the items to convert into compost, you can get about 15 buckets of compost from one compost bin.

When you fill one bucket with compost, you get 4.5 Farming experience. If you collect all the compost from the compost bin, you get 67.5 Farming experience (or 4.5 x 15).

Here is a list of some of the items you can use to create compost:

  • Flax
  • Curry leaf
  • Grain
  • Grimy Marrentill
  • Seaweed
  • Marrentill
  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Watermelon Slice
  • Woad Leaf
  • Lime
  • Grimy
  • Banana
  • Wildblood
  • Guam
  • Tomato
  • Lemon
  • Dwellberries
  • Potato
  • Orange
  • Krandorian Hops
  • Edible Seaweed
  • Potato Cactus
  • Grimy Tarromin
  • Strawberry
  • Sweetcorn
  • Rosemary

You must make sure that you fill the bin with at least one compostable item of a different type if you decide to add tomatoes inside the bin. If you don’t do that, you will end up with rotten tomatoes instead of compost.


To make compost, you need to place 15 items, like weeds, tomatoes, and sweetcorn, in a compost bin and wait for an hour. After that, you will have 15 buckets worth of compost.

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