How To Make Rust Console Run Better?

When you are playing any game on PC, and you want the game to look better with some better graphics, you don’t always have to compromise on the performance. It is because if you want a game to look amazing at the same time as cranking out a high framerate, you can do so by upgrading to a better gaming PC or just swapping out some of your existing PC components for better ones. However, you can’t do that with consoles. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make Rust console run better?

  • Step1: Go to the “CONTROLS” section of the settings.
  • Step2: Set the “VIBRATION” setting to “OFF” so vibration does not mess with your aim.
  • Step3: Now head on over to the bottom four settings in the “CONTROLS” section.
  • Step4: Set the “CAMERA INERTIA” to zero for accurate aim.
  • Step5: Set the “BOOST MULTIPLIER” to 120% for a faster aim.
  • Step6: Set the “DEAD ZONE LEFT” to 12% for reduced input delay.
  • Step7: Set the “DEAD ZONE RIGHT” to 3% for reduced input delay.
  • Step8: Go to the “GRAPHICS” section of the settings.
  • Step9: Turn “DEPTH OF FIELD” off, which will allow your console to allocate its resources to performance and not on rendering distant objects.
  • Step10: Turn “SHARPENING” off, to allocate more resources of your console to performance.
  • Step11: Turn “VIGNETTE” off, to see enemies in dark corners.
  • Step12: Turn “MOTION BLUR” off, to see clearer and remove some unnecessary load from your console.
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