How to Plant Trees in OSRS?

Planting trees is a great way to level up the Farming skill in Old School RuneScape. If you want to learn how to plant trees in OSRS, here is our complete guide on how to do that.

Items Required For Planting Trees in OSRS

Before you can start planting a tree in OSRS, you need to acquire several items.

The first thing you need is a tree seed. There are several types of tree seeds available in OSRS. The cheapest seed you can find in OSRS is the Acorn tree seed.

Other tree seeds include the Willow tree seed, the Maple tree seed, the Yew tree seed, and the Magic tree seed. The next item you need for planting trees is an empty planting pot.

You also must have a gardening trowel to fill the empty pot with soil. However, can also purchase a full plant pot. You can buy this kind of planting pot from any of the farming shops in OSRS.

The last two essential items for planting trees in OSRS include a watering can and a spade. As the name suggests, you need a watering can so you can use it to water the plant.

Optional but recommended items include some compost and an axe. You can use the axe to clear a tree patch for a new tree and compost to prevent your tree from catching any diseases.

Planting a Tree in OSRS

The first step to start planting trees in OSRS is reaching level 15 farming. Once you have acquired level 15 farming, get a tree seed and an empty pot. You can buy an empty plant pot for very cheap at some of the sellers in OSRS.

Once you have acquired those basic items, go to a tree patch, a farming patch where trees can be grown, and use the gardening trowel to fill the empty plant pot with soil.

The tree patch doesn’t need to be empty for this step. If you want to skip this step, you can buy a full plant pot instead of an empty one.

Once you have a pot filled with soil, you can plant a tree seed in it using the gardening trowel. After that, use the watering can to water it. After a few minutes, you will have a sapling.

Once you have a sapling, you can transplant it into a tree patch. Before planting the sapling, you can add compost to the tree patch, which will significantly lower the chances of it getting a disease.

You must also ensure that the tree patch is clear of trees. If a tree is already planted there, you will have to chop it down. Once the sapling is transplanted, it will soon grow into a tree.


To plant a tree, start by planting a seed into a pot and watering it. Once a sapling has sprouted, you can transplant it into a tree patch and wait for it to grow into a tree.

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