OSRS Hardest Quests

Questing in OSRS is probably one of the essential gameplay elements of the entire game. While trying to complete quests in OSRS, you will find that some are much more difficult than others. One of the best strategies for beginners is to complete the easier ones first and leave the most difficult ones for later. To help you with that, here are our picks for the hardest quests in OSRS.

Underground Pass Quest

As its name suggests, the Underground Pass quest will take place in the Underground Pass. Also, if you want to unlock the Elven Lands of Tirannwn, this is the first quest that will unlock that location for you.

Why is the Underground Pass quest soo difficult? Well, the main reason is that there is no way that you can resupply once you have already started the quest. If you want to resupply, you will have to start over.

However, you can easily spend several hours trying to make your way through the Underground pass, which means that starting over when you are an hour into the quest will not be an enjoyable experience. On top of that, the quest itself is not easy to complete.

If you want to start this quest, you will have to Speak to King Lathes in the Argougne Castle. Also, the Underground Pass quest will feel a lot easier if you have 40+ agility. However, a level of around 25 is sufficient to complete this quest.

Song of the Elves

Speaking of the Underground Pass, the Song of the Elves is another quest that might have you wandering the Underground Pass. It starts with you solving a light puzzle and entering the Underground Pass.

Once in the Underground Pass, you will deal with a whole army of enemies. You might be thinking that that’s it. Well, there’s more. After fighting all the enemies, you will have to face off with the final boss, which won’t be easy because the boss can leave you with just one health after just one hit.

To start this quest, talk to Elmond in the East Ardougne. You will also need several over 70 level skills like Agility, Construction, Hunter, Herblore, Woodcutting, Farming, Smithing, and Mining. Another tip we have for you is that the final boss in this quest is vulnerable to magic attacks. So, you should prefer to use items that have magic attacks.

Dragon Slayer II

Probably the hardest quest in OSRS is the Dragon Slayer II. The quest will require you to obtain three key pieces while scouting the world, solving puzzles, and fighting bosses. These three key pieces are required to unlock a new island called the Lithkren. All portions of the quest lead to a final boss battle.

Here is why this quest is at the number one spot in terms of difficulty level. The final boss has four phases, 1200 health, 608 level, and multiple attacks. Not only that, but some of the attacks of this final boss are instant kills.

To start this quest, you will need to speak with Alec Kincade in the Myths Guild. You will also need 200 Quest points, high combat stats, and high skilling levels, including 75 Magic. Before you start, you will also have to be done with a ton of other quests.


OSRS is filled with tons of hard quests. If you are up for a challenge, pick out a quest from our top picks and try to complete them. However, these quests are going to be very difficult to complete, so be ready for them.

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